[NetBehaviour] Cyberspace Is Our Land: 20 Digital Years Plus.

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Cyberspace Is Our Land: 20 Digital Years Plus.

Review Rob Myers

20 Digital Years Plus
Station Rose
Nurnberg 2010
ISBN 9783869841113

The Digital Art of Station Rose started in Vienna in 1988, at a time 
when the Web still was far beyond mainstream, when Mondo 2000 never had 
heard about the music genre "Techno", when future net-art-critics still 
mostly were university students, and when the Iron Curtain was 
surrounding Austria´s east, south east and north border.

Station Rose have produced an artist's book which delivers a current 
description of the situation of media art from 1988, when the studio was 
founded, until 2010. During the early days of the Internet Station Rose 
developed a language that could function within this ephemeral, 
immediate and permanently changing medium. The team coined terms and 
keywords such as 'Cyberspace is our Land', 'Nature is Cool', 'Digital 
Bohème' and made virulent artistic and social conditions discernable. 
The book offers not only the context in which the team was working but 
features audio-visual works, performances, installations and (pre)Web2.0 
activities and linkings.


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