[NetBehaviour] what the egyptian shutdown tells us about social media

dan mcquillan dan at internetartizans.co.uk
Sun Feb 13 18:06:44 CET 2011

here's a post reflecting on the impact of social media in egypt's
insurrection through the lens of the internet shutdown.

"After the shutdown, people inside and outside of Egypt collaborated
to re-create the missing networks using the still-available
technologies of landlines, dial-up and ham radio. This paper argues
that this use of pre-digital technologies to form the kinds of
infrastructure afforded by social technologies is evidence of a
radical change in people’s perceptions of their world and its
connectedness.....I discuss how existing models need to become
responsive to the grassroots appropriation of technology, especially
the future creation of alternatives to the corporate internet. In
conclusion, I analyse the phrase 'Egypts Facebook Youth' as the emblem
of social media's impact".


hope it's 'creative' enough to be of interest to the list

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