[NetBehaviour] REFF, workshop information and software kit: reinvention of reality

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Thu Feb 17 17:49:05 CET 2011

hello everyone

you might (i hope) find this interesting:


it is the information and software kit we are using for an extensive set of
workshops in Universities in London during these days.

The workshops are the main part of the education and knowledge sharing
practices of REFF, the fake institution we created in Italy.

The main theme of the workshops is the "reinvention of reality". Critical
practices of remix, mashup, reenactment, recontextualization using
technologies such as augmented reality, wide tagging, cross-media and
location based media to create new forms of expressions.

stratification, layering of points of view, squatting infospheres, and
creating emergent, multi-author, open-ended, ubiquitous narratives that can
shape the ways in which we communicate, creating autonomous, free,
accessible spaces for expression and action.

more info here:


and the info about the exhibit which we will be opening together with
Furtherfield on Feb 25th 2011:


there will be more info coming up in the next few days, but i thought that
some of you might find the info and software useful

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