[NetBehaviour] Shaking hands with dictators

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Hi Dave,
I find your intention to show background of recent bloody riots in North 
Africa deserve all possible attention.As you said its not completely 
finished.All I wish to say is that you could try to made some order in 
back...and perhaps for some next work you could try to make 'ideal' 
character of persons from both sides/'business man and dictator/.When you 
put face we recognize that look like whole mass is only their personal 
fault.But it's not and that's what you should show to all of us.
Best  wishes
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It's a work in progress, but here are some of my background notes:
- it's a sketch with networked imports (from twitter feeds)
- a sketch  - but then on top it has conflicting subject matter
pouring in, making shapes and textures, which conflict and subvert the
message of the main drawing, or add new aspects to it.
- and photos - juxtaposed - showing - uk diplomacy, shaking hands with 
- I am trying to show the hypocrisy - talking about democracy - the uk
as a beacon for democracy - while uk companies are at same time
selling arms to these dictators, for profit, for them to kill their
own people, while the UK then stands back from and condemns the use of
- doing business deals with dictators
- the twitter pictures - are one step removed from the twitter feed/
comments - as each letter in the comments have been converted a->z
into a picture for each letter

Sorry, all a bit rushed, but would love some feedback so I can improve it

many thanks
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