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Laibach at UGM - Maribor Art Gallery.

UGM l Maribor
Art Gallery

Ausstellung Laibach Kunst
Perspectives 1980-2011
24 February-17 April 2011

UGM l Maribor Art Gallery
Strossmayerjeva 6
Maribor, Slovenia


Curated by: Simona Vidmar, Claudia Richter and Laibach

The internationally renowned multidisciplinary collective and 
performance group Laibach are returning to the exhibition space! After 
30 years of provocative activities and 'performances', Umetnostna 
galerija Maribor / Maribor Art Gallery presents a review of Laibach's 
visual artwork.

Since their formation in the early 1980s, Laibach have been engaged in 
an obsessive dialogue with the totalitarian ideologies of modernity and 
their relation to art. Far from being solely intelligible in the 
cultural context of 1980s Yugoslavia, their work still offers critical 
perspectives to a globalised world which continues to be affected by 
modernity's conceptions of the state, the individual, mass culture, art, 
and politics. Exhibition at UGM opens new perspectives on Laibach by 
highlighting their original beginnings as an'arts' collective. Although 
Laibach have repeatedly rejected this designation, their self-fashioning 
as 'engineers of the human soul' is telling of the degree to which all 
of Laibach's performances have sought to ironize and collapse clear-cut 
categories such as 'art', 'politics', and 'popular culture'. Despite 
their influence on established artists, theorists and wider audiences, 
Laibach occupy an unframed position in the national and international 
art scene today. Their explorations into the world of popular music have 
gained them international renown. However, all of their performances 
have been radically self-reflexive in a way that responds to the 
functions ascribed to 'political art' in contemporary society, rather 
than to the consumerist and escapist nature of popular music. With their 
performances on diverse stages such as galleries, concert halls, opera 
houses, TV, internet, video, theatre, industrial power plants and 
shopping malls, Laibach represent a unique challenge to the categories 
established by Western art criticism.

The exhibition comprises twelve rooms presenting key stages of Laibach's 
work from the first decade of their career in the 1980s up to the 
present. The works on display include multi-media installations, oil 
paintings, photographs, graphic works, and film. A new installation 
created especially for this exhibition, titled Artist Perspective, will 
be on view. This is the biggest Laibach exhibition in Slovenia to date.

The exhibition is dedicated to the Slovene painter Janez Knez (1931-2011).

The exhibition is supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia.

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