[NetBehaviour] Flirty!!! - Re: Tune into Live Stream of Telematic Dinner Party tomorrow night

helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Sun Jun 12 15:17:18 CEST 2011

thanks for this report, ruth; i had fully intended to tune in, but 
somehow completely forgot about it. i can't even remember now what i was 
immersed in (either UpStage or the magdalena web site rebuild ... ) but 
even tho i'd thought about it ealier that day, it just left my brain - 
darn! :( sounds like it went really well. i'll have to try & catch the 
next one ...

h : )

On 12/06/11 2:21 PM, ruth catlow wrote:
> Hi NBers,
> For those of you that chose not to tune in as voyeurs on our dinner
> (dining as spectator sport?!) I just want to give a public cheer to
> Pollie and also to share some reflections on a playful and enjoyable
> experience.
> Pollie designed an elegant telematic dinner-setting using an live image
> of the remote table-top, projected down onto our physical table-top,
> next to our own dinner settings.
> There was excellent food. According to the Latitude rules we all cooked
> a Russian course. During the later part of the evening we all observed
> (and this has come up before in my encounters with Annie Abrahams's work
> with telematics and networked performance) that we found ourselves
> regressing to a teenage condition of relating...flirty and playful -
> free from the more careful observances of appropriate attention to ones'
> fellow diners.
> Perhaps it is the effect of technical precarity (there is something
> inherently rebellious about the technology- it just cannot be relied
> upon to behave). The reduction in raw sensory data (necessitates
> risk-taking - we have to do more guessing than usual about what our
> remote guests mean by their gestures, words, audio expressions). In
> addition to the disruption of the audio visual signal, Pollie's physical
> set up forced us to relate to our remote guests via an image projected
> downwards on to the horizontal plane of the table. Ordinarily guests'
> mutual verticality is very much a part of how they relate (perhaps until
> later in the evening for the more adventurous;). We all played hard to
> compensate for this. Perhaps the tech set-up could be more fully
> anthropomorphised as a sassy but uncontrollable teenager and listed as
> the hostess of future dinners: )
> So the telematic kissing, and the stroking, and the drawn lips, and the
> lying (uncomfortable and contorted) with our heads on the table to gaze
> and laugh into the camera for each other are what I remember.... along
> with the analogue instant messaging and competitive joke telling.
> I recommend Annie Abrahams libidinous telematics here
> http://bram.org/toucher/TBK.html
> and just in case anyone hasn't seen it already Paul Sermon's telematic
> dreaming http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/works/telematic-dreaming/ Any
> more for any more?
> We also got to express our identities as differently located groups to
> each other by swaping revolutionary slogans and competitive joke
> telling. The telenoika guests were wonderfully quick to assert the FOSS
> alternative www.indenti.ca to www.tw**ter.com when they thought we might
> be in need of a little political training; )
> I am really excited by the subversive possibilities this opens up for
> non-suited networked communication- if one were able to really embrace
> and explore the range of potential relational wormholes that the
> experience throws up. Because dinners are such key sites for
> power-broking and decision-making it would be good to see this developed
> so that we could imagine non-artists and researchers enticed to play and
> communicate in this way- changing what gets thought about, decided and
> acted upon.
> Thanks Pollie and Brittany
> great stuff.
> cheers
> Ruth
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