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> For background on the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and Open
> Government Data (OGD) see
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/public-leaders-network/2012/apr/03/brasilia-2012
> -open-government-partnership?newsfeed=true 
> For a somewhat more skeptical/critical/community informatics based
> perspective on OGD see below (and other of my blogposts on OGD
> http://gurstein.wordpress.com/2010/09/02/open-data-empowering-the-empowere
> d-or-effective-data-use-for-everyone/
> http://gurstein.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/are-the-open-data-warriors-fighti
> ng-for-robin-hood-or-the-sheriff-some-reflections-on-okcon-2011-and-the-em
> erging-data-divide/
> http://gurstein.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/a-data-divide-data-%E2%80%9Chaves
> %E2%80%9D-and-%E2%80%9Chave-nots%E2%80%9D-and-open-government-data/
> The Journal of Community Informatics http://ci-journal.net will be
> publishing a special issue on Community Informatics and Open Government
> Data next week in anticipation of the OGP meeting in Brasilia...

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> Hello everyone:
> The first annual meeting of the Open Government Partnership
> www.opengovpartnership.org/ is taking place in Brasilia on April 17-18,
> 2012! Many people working on open government may not be able to attend in
> person, so the OGP has worked with a number of external partners to come
> up with numerous ways for you to participate virtually from wherever you
> may be. Here are some of the online activities that OGP will be hosting
> during the annual meeting in Brasilia. Please join us online on April
> 17-18!
> Online Content. The program and materials provided to those in Brasilia
> will be available on the OGP website in advance of the meeting.  Photos
> from the event will be posted each day of the event.  OGP will also
> publish blog posts summarizing each day's events and outcomes. Want to
> view the OGP meeting materials? 
> Visit the meeting page! 
> Webcast & Interviews. From the speeches given by world leaders to the
> breakout panel discussions with open government practitioners, all of the
> activities in Brasilia will be broadcast live on the web.  During breaks
> in the program, the webcast will feature live interviews with presenters,
> government representatives, and open government leaders in attendance.
> Online viewers will be able to pose questions to those being interviewed.
> Live Chat. Alongside the webcast, OGP will host a live chat where visitors
> can post comments directly. 
> Tweets and 
> Facebook updates discussing the OGP meeting will also be viewable in the
> chat (be sure to use hashtag #OGPBrasilia2012 and #OGP2012 on Twitter). We
> will poll viewers in real-time to see who is watching, where they are,
> what their interests are, and what are their thoughts on the program. We
> will also provide analysis of the conversation happening via social media.
> Want to participate in the webcast and live chat? 
> Please register!Guardian Digital Hub. 
> Guardian Public Leaders Network, the digital media partner for the annual
> meeting in Brasilia, developed an 
> OGP digital hub supporting the online coverage of the upcoming OGP
> Brasilia 2012 Annual Meeting. The hub features articles from co-chairs
> Maria Otero and Jorge Hage, interviews and interactive content. During the
> event Guardian will be blogging live from Brasilia, posting exclusive
> videos and providing expert analysis on the key issues arising at the
> meeting. For more information please visit the 
>  Guardian OGP Digital Hub.  
> Meetup Everywhere. We are also encouraging open government practitioners
> around the world to get together in person to watch the event and discuss
> ways to move open government forward at the local level. 
> These Meetups can help move the discussion in Brasilia, online and at
> home. If you live in Washington, DC (US), Capetown (South Africa), London
> (UK), or Nairobi (Kenya), you can join the local Meetups that have already
> been set up and you can find information on them here: 
> www.meetup.com/Open-Gov-Partnership.
> Transparency Hack Day. Daniela Silva from Transparency Hacker, Brazil will
> be providing notes on the event throughout the two days of transparency
> hacking during the OGP Annual Meeting. The "Hack Day" will be covered via
> Webcast, Live Twitting and Blogging.  For more information on the Hack
> Day, please see 
> a description here.
> Innovation Village. Felipe Heusser, Director of 
> Ciudadano Inteligente will be covering the Innovation Village session with
> live interviews that will be broadcasted via our webcast, and Alex Howard,
> from 
> O'Reilly Media will be conducting interviews with the speakers and
> panelists. For more information on the innovation village, please see our 
> call for village participants.
> Recognizing our Partners. None of this would be possible without the
> support of several key organizations that are contributing their time and
> energy to the OGP meeting at little or substantially reduced cost.  The
> Open Government Partnership would like to express our gratitude to the
> following groups for their help with all of the interactive features
> described above:
> * Global Voices/AmericaSpeaks - Live Blogging/Tweeting* One Counts - Web
> Cast* Global Integrity - Meet Ups* World Bank Institute - Twitter Cloud*
> Ciudadano Inteligente - Blogging* Transparency Hacker - Multimedia Wall,
> Blogging* Guardian Media - Digital Hub* O'Reilly Media - Live Online
> Coverage  
> Harvey Low on behalf of Paulina Ibarra of OGP  
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