[NetBehaviour] wonderful sequence of work from Donna Kuhn

Michael Szpakowski szpako at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 8 15:09:38 CEST 2012

Yep - I love her video work too -we've featured it quite extensively on DVblog over the last few years:


I posted the thing about the drawings/texts becuase there's something so lapidary and sefl sufficient about each one but they also extend into this massive sequence, with such diversity growing out of the basic premise - it just really does it for me...

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you can also find some of Donna Kuhn's video works here


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Quoting Michael Szpakowski <szpako at yahoo.com>:

> Hi
> if you have a moment you could do worse than to check out this great  
>  work from Donna Kuhn.
> Funny , scary, beautiful and all - & every! - point in between...
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/donnakuhn/sets/72157629248187497/?page=5
> ( that's the most recent, there's four other pages of thumbnails..)
> cheers
> michael

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