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Registrations are open to the 6th Festival de Arte Digital – FAD
Artists interested in having their works included in the programme must

Registrations are open until April 30th. In this edition, the theme involves
works that explore new forms of interface and interactivity.

Along its editions, the Digital Art Festival [Festival de Arte Digital –
FAD] has become one of the biggest and most important platforms, focused not
only on the enjoyment, but also on promoting the thinking on the digital art
produced around the world. During its five editions, 220 artists from 20
countries have passed by the festival. The selection process for 2012 is
open, and the artists interested must sign-up until April 30th.

Since the last event, in 2011, a specific theme for each edition has been
set. The theme chosen to 2012 is Relational Interfaces [Interfaces
Relacionais]. This year, FAD looks for artists who are creating new forms of
interface and interactivity, which may or may not be done via computer. Works
that are within this theme will be given priority in the selection, but works
connected to other areas of art and technology will also be accepted
nevertheless. Selected artists will have their works exposed throughout the
month of September at the Inimá de Paula Museum [Museu Inimá de Paula], in
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Performances, workshops and lectures,
which will also be selected via decree, will be held on the same period.

The 6th edition of FAD is going to be held through the Federal Cultural
Incentive Law – Rouanet Law [Brazilian Ministry of Culture/Brazilian
Government], the State Cultural Incentive Law [State Secretary of Culture of
Minas Gerais], and the Municipal Cultural Incentive Law [Municipal Foundation
of Culture of Belo Horizonte].

Registration is open since March 5th to artists around the world interested
in presenting their work, or giving workshops and lectures at the festival.
The decree for the selection process is published at
www.festivaldeartedigital.com.br, and registration is free. Entries will be
accepted only via internet.

Proposals submitted to FAD must be included in one of the four festival

. FAD Performance A/V (audiovisual shows)
Projects exclusively dedicated to authorial live performing arts, using audio
and images synchronized. Works may be presented by solo artists, duos, groups
and/or audiovisual bands, inter alia.
. FAD Gallery (interactive audiovisual installations)

They are works that develop artistic content, and promote interaction with
the public. Concept and technique are free, but should preferably follow the
theme of the issue, as stated before.

. FAD Laboratory (workshops)
Short duration workshops, free theme. The idea is to enable the public to use
new audio and video tools, and the creation of interaction works such as free
software, apps, and others, for professional use or not.

. FAD Symposium (lectures and essays)
Open to proposals of talks, presentations of scientific studies and
conceptual essays that address some relation to the artistic making, which
may be from the theoretical aspect to the presentation of techniques. The
theme is free.

In a scenario where the use of new tools and technologies influences the
search, the research and the experimentation of new artistic languages, FAD
comes as a space for exchanging and presentation of productions of artists
from Brazil and the world on this area. FAD is an art festival in digital
media held in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil since 2007. FAD aims to
discover and present to the public artistic content developed or processed,
in some of its stages, with the use of computers, software, hardware, phones,
camcorders, digital cameras, and electronic and/or digital devices. FAD
innovates to dialogue with the manifestations of the post-modern art, fleeing
from the common place where the majority of shows and festivals of this kind
are. Thus, the festival, which offers a free programme, supports and
contributes to the production, the achievement and the consolidation of
digital art in Brazil.

Registration from March 5th to April 30th
Free registration at www.festivaldeartedigital.com.br
Formspring (questions and answers): http://www.formspring.me/festivalfad

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