[NetBehaviour] Bowing for Stephen Dydo and Jerry Everard

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Apr 17 19:54:00 CEST 2012

Bowing for Stephen Dydo and Jerry Everard

http://lounge.espdisk.com/archives/803 (best)

Bowing or bowing, bowing down, playing music, doubled tautness: Already
I want to add something (to the essay, to the sound, to etiquette), of
the object, the bow (tying the hair, playing music, positioning the
body), which is an alteric object, other in any case (culture, viola
case), what one might call 'that' object (in the sense that science is
'that' procedure, phenomenology, ideology), which produces, by a
certain and constant swaying (ponytail, body, viola bow), a sound that
seems unnatural, manufactured, elsewhere (swish, the engagement of
strings, perfume), in relation to the bending body (proper position of
the arm, chest, ponytail left and right!), setting up a particular
rhythm (etiquette, fiddling, swaying), in engagement with etiquette
(string tautness and rosin, hierarchy and context, boys and girls),
these actions already so close to the dance (pocket fiddle, twist,
noh), the whole a motif for the swinging of language (notes, respect,
glances), mobile lexicon and phonemes (singing, giggling, foxtrot,
whispers, murmurs), oh! I've lost the essay (song, return, crying,
ribbons) in the beautiful movement of the bow (ship, viola music,
curtseying, smiles, sashays, readings, writings, essays, assays)
back and forth and playing (bowing, ponytail, viola bow, swingings,
lefts and rights!, ribbons, giggles, smiles, swayings, backs and
forths! ups and downs!), playings!

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