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Intimate Bureaucracies: A Manifesto | AK PRESS.

by dj readies [Craig J. Saper]

Intimate Bureaucracies is a history from the future looking backward at 
our present moment as a turning point. Our systems of organization and 
control appear unsustainable and brutal, and we are feeling around in 
the dark for alternatives. Using experiments in social organization in 
downtown New York City, and other models of potential alternative social 
organizations, this manifesto makes a call to action to study and build 
sociopoetic systems.

One alternative system, the Occupy movement, has demands and goals 
beyond the specific historical moment and concerns. This short 
book/manifesto suggests that the organization and communication systems 
of Occupying encampments represent important necessities, models, goals, 
and demands, as well as an intimate bureaucracy that is a paradoxical 
mix of artisanal production, mass-distribution techniques, and a belief 
in the democratizing potential of social media.

free download of publication or you buy the book.

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