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has anyone else had a look at this?

i'm a bit stunned that they are describing what sounds like webcasting 
slightly augmented by social media as "an entirely new mode of 
presentation" ... on their web site, they even claim it as " the first 
artistic programme created purely for live web broadcast."

where have they been for the last 15+ years i wonder???

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Constantinople Kaleidoscope
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April 22, 2012


  Tate Modern


*BMW Tate Live Performance Room: *

*Pablo Bronstein
/Constantinople Kaleidoscope/ *

Online at www.youtube.com/tate 
<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5057&F=H> on 
Thursday 26 April at 20:00 BST


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BMW Tate Live Performance Room is a pioneering programme of live 
performances created exclusively for online broadcast, simultaneously 
reaching international audiences across world time zones.

For the second performance in the BMW Tate Live Performance Room, 
Argentinean born artist Pablo Bronstein will premiere, /Constantinople 
Kaleidoscope/, an entirely new work made especially for the BMW Tate 
Live Performance Room. Involving a group of dancers, Bronstein will 
create a baroque trompe l'oeil stage set that exaggerates the 
perspective of the room with mirrored columns. Bronstein uses 
architectural design and drawing to engage with the grandiose and 
imperial past of the built environment and this preoccupation with form 
frequently extends into his live work.

Audiences, who will only be able to view the performances on the 
internet, are invited to enter the online Performance Room via 
<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5063&F=H> at 
20.00 hrs in the UK and exactly the same moment across time zones on the 
specified dates—16.00 hrs on the East Coast of America, 21.00 hrs in 
mainline Europe and 23.00 hrs in Russia.

The global audience are encouraged to chat with other viewers via social 
media channels and to put questions to the artists or curator following 
it using Tate's social media channels—twitter.com/tate 
<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5058&F=H> using 
#BMWTateLiveQ and facebook.com/tategallery 

The BMW Tate Live Performance Room was inaugurated by French 
choreographer and dancer Jérôme Bel with the work /Shirtology at Tate /on 
22 March/. /Artists Emily Roysdon 
Harrell Fletcher 
<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5059&F=H> and 
Joan Jonas 
<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5061&F=H> will 
also present works for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room in the coming 

On Thursday 31 May, American artist and writer, Emily Roysdon, explores 
the intersection of choreography and political action through a 
collaborative performance.

Harrell Fletcher's work often takes the form of socially engaged and 
interdisciplinary projects. On Thursday 28 June, for BMW Tate Live, he 
will work with local amateur performers who ordinarily would not be seen 
by the Performance Room's global audience.

The final BMW Tate Live Performance Room in 2012 is by legendary 
performance artist, Joan Jonas.**Since the 1960s, she has been a major 
figure at the forefront of explorations in film, new media and 
performance, transcending genres to develop an influential practice 
rooted in space, movement, ritual and gesture.

This innovative format offers international audiences an opportunity to 
experience performance works through an entirely new mode of 
presentation. Each performance is archived and available to view online 
after the live event.

/BMW Tate Live is a four-year partnership between BMW and Tate, which 
focuses on performance, interdisciplinary art and curating digital 
space. BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is the inaugural strand of the 
partnership and features five commissions in 2012./

/BMW Tate Live is curated by Catherine Wood, Curator, Contemporary Art 
and Performance, Tate, and Kathy Noble, Curator of Interdisciplinary 
Projects, Tate, assisted by Capucine Perrot, Assistant Curator, Tate and 
Julia Crabtree.

/*BMW Tate Live Performance Room
**Forthcoming performances at 20.00 hrs BST
*26 April, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Pablo Bronstein, 
/Constantinople Kaleidoscope
/31 May, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Emily Roysdon
28 June, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Harrell Fletcher
Summer date tbc, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Joan Jonas


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New York, NY 10002, USA 	Contact 
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