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The description sounds a bit like the "Chaos in Action" project in 1997.

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>  has anyone else had a look at this?
> i'm a bit stunned that they are describing what sounds like webcasting
> slightly augmented by social media as "an entirely new mode of
> presentation" ... on their web site, they even claim it as " the first
> artistic programme created purely for live web broadcast."
> where have they been for the last 15+ years i wonder???
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> April 22, 2012
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>  Tate Modern
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>  *BMW Tate Live Performance Room: *
> *Pablo Bronstein
> Constantinople Kaleidoscope *
> Online at www.youtube.com/tate<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5057&F=H>on Thursday 26 April at 20:00 BST
> *
> *
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> BMW Tate Live Performance Room is a pioneering programme of live
> performances created exclusively for online broadcast, simultaneously
> reaching international audiences across world time zones.
> For the second performance in the BMW Tate Live Performance Room,
> Argentinean born artist Pablo Bronstein will premiere, *Constantinople
> Kaleidoscope*, an entirely new work made especially for the BMW Tate Live
> Performance Room. Involving a group of dancers, Bronstein will create a
> baroque trompe l'oeil stage set that exaggerates the perspective of the
> room with mirrored columns. Bronstein uses architectural design and drawing
> to engage with the grandiose and imperial past of the built environment and
> this preoccupation with form frequently extends into his live work.
> Audiences, who will only be able to view the performances on the internet,
> are invited to enter the online Performance Room via www.youtube.com/tate<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5063&F=H>at 20.00 hrs in the UK and exactly the same moment across time zones on the
> specified dates—16.00 hrs on the East Coast of America, 21.00 hrs in
> mainline Europe and 23.00 hrs in Russia.
> The global audience are encouraged to chat with other viewers via social
> media channels and to put questions to the artists or curator following it
> using Tate's social media channels—twitter.com/tate<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5058&F=H>using #BMWTateLiveQ and
> facebook.com/tategallery<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5060&F=H>
> .
> The BMW Tate Live Performance Room was inaugurated by French choreographer
> and dancer Jérôme Bel with the work *Shirtology at Tate *on 22 March*. *Artists
> Emily Roysdon<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5062&F=H>
> , Harrell Fletcher<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5059&F=H>and Joan
> Jonas <http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=230532&N=2554&L=5061&F=H>will also present works for the BMW Tate Live Performance Room in the
> coming months.
> On Thursday 31 May, American artist and writer, Emily Roysdon, explores
> the intersection of choreography and political action through a
> collaborative performance.
> Harrell Fletcher's work often takes the form of socially engaged and
> interdisciplinary projects. On Thursday 28 June, for BMW Tate Live, he will
> work with local amateur performers who ordinarily would not be seen by the
> Performance Room's global audience.
> The final BMW Tate Live Performance Room in 2012 is by legendary
> performance artist, Joan Jonas.* *Since the 1960s, she has been a major
> figure at the forefront of explorations in film, new media and performance,
> transcending genres to develop an influential practice rooted in space,
> movement, ritual and gesture.
> This innovative format offers international audiences an opportunity to
> experience performance works through an entirely new mode of presentation.
> Each performance is archived and available to view online after the live
> event.
> *BMW Tate Live is a four-year partnership between BMW and Tate, which
> focuses on performance, interdisciplinary art and curating digital space.
> BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is the inaugural strand of the partnership
> and features five commissions in 2012.*
> *BMW Tate Live is curated by Catherine Wood, Curator, Contemporary Art
> and Performance, Tate, and Kathy Noble, Curator of Interdisciplinary
> Projects, Tate, assisted by Capucine Perrot, Assistant Curator, Tate and
> Julia Crabtree.
> **BMW Tate Live Performance Room
> **Forthcoming performances at 20.00 hrs BST
> *26 April, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Pablo Bronstein, *Constantinople
> Kaleidoscope
> *31 May, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Emily Roysdon
> 28 June, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Harrell Fletcher
> Summer date tbc, BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Joan Jonas
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