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Heath Bunting, The Status Project & The Netopticon.

Marc Garrett writes about Heath Bunting's Status Project in the age of 
the Netopticon. Garrett considers the worth and social context of humans 
as data, submersed in frameworks and protocols, designed by a 
neo-liberal elite for a generic consumer class. Bunting's work is well 
placed for observation and practical research into the 'depths' of legal 
and illegal territories, whilst our contemporary identities are being 
collected on mass as we ride into the maelstrom of constant surveillance.

"Whether Bunting is climbing trees, skateboarding, canoeing or working 
with technology he approaches it all with the same critical attention. 
He hacks around systems, physical or digital. Right from when he built 
his first computer at the age of 14, his life has been an experimental 
research project. His practice consists of a dry sense of humour and an 
edgy, minimal-raw aesthetic, mixed with a hyper-awareness of his own 
artistic persona and agency in the world, whilst engaging with complex 
political systems, institutions and social contexts."


Heath Bunting is a British artist based in Bristol, UK. His work focuses 
on the development of open democratic and communication systems and 
social structures on the Internet and in the public space. He came from 
the street up, passing through and often revisiting graffiti, 
performance, intervention, pirate radio, fax/ mail art and BBS systems 
to become an active participant in the explosion of the Internet. He is 
co-founder of net.art and has created many accredited works. Bunting’s 
works have been commissioned and exhibited at a range of venues 
including: The New Museum, New York, Tate Modern, London, Transmediale, 
Berlin, Documenta X, Kassel, Germany, The Banff Centre, Canada, 
Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield, England, Art Teleportacia, Moscow, ICA, 
London, The InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo, Apex Art, New York, 
Proboscis, London, The Watershed, Bristol, among others. He has lectured 
at many universities such as: University of West of England, Bristol, 
Goldsmiths, London, University of Westminster, London, Konstfack, 
University College of Arts, Stockholm, Mertz Academy, Stuttgart, Royal 
College of Art, London, among others.

The article was written for and will be published as part of Heath 
Bunting's presentation in Athens 'Workshop How to Build a New Legal 
Identity', May 5th 2012.

During the workshop, Heath Bunting will introduce us to techniques and 
strategies on how to form new identities. The distribution of the 
workshop How to Build a New Legal Identity across Europe aims at 
exploring the characteristics of identity in each country.

Artist’s Talk: May 4, 2012 @ 19.00

Workshop How to Build a New Legal Identity: May 5, 2012 @ 12.00

Frown Tails, 6 Paramythias str, Keramikos, Athens
Organised by: Katerina Gkoutziouli and Frown Tails


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