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Stewart Home vs Heidegger

By Richard Marshall.

Again, A Time Machine, a Stewart Home retrospective in New York (White 
Columns, 22 October - 19 November 2011) & London (Space Studios, 6 April 
- 19 May 2012), curated by Matthew Higgs.

The Stewart Home show at Space packs in a short intro to the catalogue 
Stewart Home Says I Can’t Show You My Nude Pictures here! If You Wanna 
See Some Then take A Good Look Through My Flicker Stream entitled ‘Fuck 
Em If They Can’t Take A Joke’. The show includes Heroin is the Opium of 
the People (1986), issues of Smile (1948-1989), Smile Expands 
(1985-1989), Stewart Home Flyers Etc., Re:Action newsletter and two 
other publications, Event Flyers, Invitations, Pamphlets, Pamphlets and 
Books in Translation, Books in English, Postcards/Mail Art, the Semina 
series, Stewart Home t-shirts, the Art Strike Bed (1993-2011), the video 
Stewart Home Talks About The Art Strike (2004), Prostitution II: The 
Return of the ‘Male Gaze’, The Readymade Brought To Book, Vermeer II, 
Three Signs removed From A Shop In Whitecross Street, the video The 
Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Oedipus Complex (2004), the film <="" 
em=""> (2009), Becoming (M)Other and More Sex More Violence More 
Copyright Violation! Edition. There are coloured circular Destroy 
Serious Culture badges.


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