[NetBehaviour] invert the stars with the earth: Global Astronomy Month at MACRO Museum of rome

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On *April 28th, 2012*, *AOS* will be at the *MACRO
Rome with *this.astro* and *Come in Cielo Così in Terra*, an installation
and a workshop created in occasion of the *Global Astronomy


*THIS.ASTRO* generates a star-filled sky in real time: each star is an
interaction on social networks; stars join together to form evolving
constellations, according to the ways in which people take part in
discussions online. A peculiar *User-Generated Horoscope* in which the
destiny of human beings (e.g.: the shapes and positions of constellations)
is determined by the ways in which people collaborate.

*Come in Cielo Così in Terra* is a *workshop* in which we will bring the
sky into the streets of our cities. A free/libre application will be
created/used during the workshop allowing people to *form groups, select a
constellation and draw it onto the streets of the city of Rome* by walking
through it, in *a city-wide GPS-based drawing performed collaboratively
with our bodies*. An investigation on*collaboration, ubiquitous
technologies, collaboration, and the new ways of experiencing cities and
the relations with our fellow human beings.*

*April 28th 2012*

*Connect the Dots and See the Unseen*

*MACROeo (electronicOrphanage, a project by Miltos
)* presents, on *Saturday April 28th 2012*, *staring at 13:13*, *Connect
the Dots and See the Unseen*, an event focused on the relationships between
arts and sciences, in which artists and visitors will actively reflect onto
the observation and explanation of celestial events, through workshops,
projections, internet-connected artworks by the *Laurent Faulon*and *Delphine
Reist*, *Stefano Canto*, *Daniela De Paulis* and *AOS – Art is Open Source*.

more info at the *MACRO Museum*:


and at the electronicOrphanage:


MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art

Rome, via Nizza 138

Salvatore Iaconesi

Art is Open Source

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