[NetBehaviour] Fwd: BMW Tate Live Performance Room: Pablo Bronstein's Constantinople Kaleidoscope

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Apr 26 22:00:16 CEST 2012

On 04/26/2012 08:55 PM, helen varley jamieson wrote:
> well, i just tried to watch tonight's live broadcast, but all i got was
> "This video is not available." i was told in the chat that i should be
> able to see it, that it had worked before for people in germany (a lot
> of youtube content isn't available to us deprived people in germany).
> there were only 3 comments from people in the chat during the
> performance (i was still there, trying different browsers, reloading,
> changing settings, to see if i could sneak in somehow)

Ah I remember helping present a Stelarc performance online at the ICA in 
the mid-90s. We had more comments then. ;-)

[This is totally different from saying "nothing is new" for a truly 
marvelous reason that the margin of this page is too narrow to contain.]

- Rob.

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