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In the video installation AutoBiography, Anders Bojen and Kristoffer 
Ørum rewrite their biographies according to a mathematical system that 
continuously generates new unstable interpretations of their identities 
and explores the autobiography as a phenomenon.

Over the last couple of years Bojen and Ørum have worked on rewriting 
the history of specific places in order to rethink their meaning. In 
this project they combine mathematics with popular psychology in order 
to rewrite their own biographies and reinvent themselves in ways that 
they could not have scripted. Through images, narration and 
custom-designed software, their biographies merge into a new unstable 
hybrid identity.

A video projection shows an endless number of alternative biographies 
for Bojen and Ørum based on family photographs from their suburban 
middle class backgrounds. Images of school, parents, friends, pets, and 
more are all mixed together. Following the model for the development of 
personality created by Erik H. Erikson (1902 – 1994), a voice-over 
narration continuously chronicles the formative experiences and phases 
in the artists' lives. The algorithmic video accounts for all of the 
things which, according to popular psychology, define our personalities.

The ways in which artist stage themselves autobiographically, from the 
reverence for artistic genius to the focus on identity politics in 
contemporary theoretical discourse is central to the reception of art 
today. AutoBiography creates a field of tension between the causalities 
of a mathematical system and the search for identity through past 
experiences. An impersonal system determines the description of the self 
– a simultaneous undermining and enactment of the role and persona of 
the artist.

supported by the Danish Arts Council.

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