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James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Mon Apr 30 16:09:54 CEST 2012

Hi Dave,

it is something which i believe might be termed a metaphysical object.
it's just (unlikely to be even) in my head. it's a mechanism which
might model my behaviours but i don't know anything about metaphysics
so i don't term it metaphysical. and of course there is no mechanical
object of any sort residing in my skull and i sincerely doubt there is
any mental model or any mental representation of such an object in my
mind the purpose of which is to govern certain aspects of my
behaviours. but i find it interesting to entertain the existence of
such a model/representation.

/* ie no mentail representation in my mind of an object where mentail
manipulation of that object such as mentailly pulling a lever or
pushing a knob might manipulate my behaviour fucking hell like some
kind of internal air-loom controlled by my higher self residing in some
higher state of consciousness */

i've been thinking about why i flit from interest to interest
throughout my life. in the broadest sense between computing and art.
but there's crossovers and sub-categories within them. it's obvious
from previous discussions on this list i'm not alone.

//interests such as digital music produced on the computer by standard
//free open source multi-media software, but then there's computer
//programs i've written to produce digital music as well, which as much
//as i intend to use to produce music are far more concerned with pure
//programming and anything musical produced by that during development
//is a bonus.

although now i have almost entirely fenced off any activity i actually
enjoy and am interested in from being something i might find any form of
financial reward in, or employment in, financial reward/employment/etc
have been motivating factors in my exploration of interests etc etc and
the areas i've previously targeted in particular as a goal for some sort
of adhoc career have also been varied (and occasionally almost
realistic) .

i believe i was recently quite near to being offered a job as a
developer at some company who also offered to pay me to do a masters
in computer science but i was quite bothered by the fact they would
own any code i wrote and i've have to arrange with them exemptions
(such as if i wanted to continue to work on my existing floss
projects). but web development and databases has never been a turn on
for me and in the end i told them i'd lost interest in an IT career.
i'm not particularly sorry for rambling and there's more to say about
the imagined decision assistance device. it refers back into my past
before i went to university to a time when i was unemployed and fairly
unemployable and well no need for details. a drawing which might be
filed away or destroyed i titled something along the lines of 'the
imaginary process of an imaginary thoughts and feelings processor'. it
was some kind of umbrella - you know the kind, the kind you hang
clothes on... no don't be silly, not the kind of clothes made of fabric
you wear on your physical person but your mental clothing... no not
like purple fairy clothes made of golden light auras or anything of that
new-age-of-aquarius-malarky with parking restrictions in your medical
centre atilla the hun quark, data....

oh yeah, so i used the decision making device today - it told me to the
pendulum was over the circle marked 'decision making device' and came
up with these modifications:

first off recall i mentioned aliasing and the flashing LED. at that
point i was thinking the aliasing would occur as the pendulum roved
over each area of interest such that maybe the LED flashed slower than
the pendulum changed interest (or is it the other way around?).
search for the nyquist-frequency. the flashing of the LED could be
considered the sample-rate, and the pendulum roving from
interest-to-interest at a rate above half the sample-rate (ie above the
nyquist frequency) would cause aliasing (ie some areas of interest
wouldn't be noticed and some would be noticed more).

but i'm troubled with how to map the movement of a pendulum and a
flashing LED to produce fairly stable interests that might last several
months (the battery running out might produce interest in an area
(provided the interest is sustainable) which lasts for a year or more).

maybe if the swinging of the pendulum was mapped to something more like
a sinewave then lowpass filtering could be applied and maybe some DC
offset correction.

so i'd add a camera which operates at another sample rate, probably
slower than the LED flashes so that:

speed a is the swing of the pendulum
speed b is the flash of the LED
speed c is the snap rate of the camera

therefor:  a > b / 2 && b > c / 2

i am highly tempted to say that such a device could not model the way
my interests and behaviours are modulated throughout my life but i
would be tempted to respond by saying the pendulum has been caught
between areas.

this new implementation also entirely neglects the previously specified
behaviour of the device where the swing-motor battery runs out
causing sustained interest in one particular interest. with the new
model, it is assumed the camera is powered by the mains of a desktop
PC (mentally modelled of course) the interest would wane, the pendulum
motion would wane to the center... obviously the sensible thing to do
would reserve a central area (defined by a perfect circle of course)
for the interest in the pendulum and assume such an interest would
motivate a battery change (or make a battery change as mandatory in the
internal rule/policy book when the battery runs out and the pendulum
becomes stationary).

but we've still got to bring to this model massive demotivations  so i
would assume this to be controlled by the circle size of each interest.
the lest area for interests, the more space for boredom, depression,
demotivation, and all those other horrible yucky negative things which
any entirely sensible society would seek to abolish.  one can
only speculate that the shape of interests is in fact sausage shaped,
or even parsnip shaped, or any such shape and that they overlap.

hope that helps!

On Mon, 30 Apr 2012 10:26:29 +0100
dave miller <dave.miller.uk at gmail.com> wrote:

> hi james
> this is like a pendulum moving over a mind map. Could the circle that
> gets the most "hits" from the pendulum become the one selected? maybe
> lit up with an led?
> good idea, for years I've been searching for an effective way of
> making decisions, this could be it
> dave
> On 30 April 2012 09:43,  <james at jwm-art.net> wrote:
> > Take a free swinging pendulum - a weight on a string. Via some kind
> > of mechanism attach to a battery powered motor so the motor causes
> > the pendulum to swing. This solves what to do for a little while.
> >
> > Underneath the swinging pendulum place a sheet of paper with
> > circles on it. Each circle will contain a textual representation of
> > one of your interests. Allow one circle to contain this decision
> > solving mechanism as an interest.
> >
> > You now have a choice, you can immediately begin using the device
> > to decide what to do or you can decide to add a sampling mechanism.
> > The sampling mechanism might be an LED flashing on and off. Who
> > knows what the rate should be? Perhaps days or weeks? But not so
> > fast you do everything at once. Modulate the rate somehow.
> > Preferably bring in aliasing to it.
> >
> > If the battery runs out: good do whatever it is the device dictates
> > until you feel like changing the battery.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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