[NetBehaviour] How to decide: alternative method

james at jwm-art.net james at jwm-art.net
Mon Apr 30 22:53:16 CEST 2012

A vulger alternative would be to "piss in the sink". Or simply pour money down the drain. Take a look at the plughole: six circles, six holes representing six of your interests which you piss your life away on (you being me or you or any of them or any of us etc) pour money down the drain for. Six dark holes leading to a dark dank stinking rotten cesspit.!

So to get back to the topic you take some strong green dye to represent money you shall spend and turn on the tap fill the sink and drip in the dye and pull the plug don't forget to allocate an interest to each of the six holes/segments in the plughole and sod antialiasing just make a best effort attempt at guaging which of the six interests the money (dye) is going down.

Hipe that helps!
Crest regards,
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