[NetBehaviour] From our rooftop -

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Aug 1 01:05:23 CEST 2012

>From our rooftop -


the big-corporate 5 billion dollar 1%-er mess for the neighborhood
- barclay's arena - also including a 32-story skyscrape for
housing in the small-footprint area to the right of the building.
we're trying to move out. the company never once met with the
neighborhood, but instead seized buildings by eminent domain and
ignored new york city rules and regulations, not to mention
environmental laws. there's no sanitation or police plan in place.
how did they do this? they - the boro president, mayor of nyc,
governor of ny, and 'forest city ratner' declared the arena
property no longer part of the city, but belonging instead to the
state. so screw nyc, screw the residents who have to live with
the pollution, noise, filth, and crime this monstrosity is already
generating, and three cheers for the performers and investors who
are going to make a killing. this whole project was fought by the
way by a number of groups, mainly develop, don't destroy, brooklyn
(dddb) - and we lost all the cases until recently, now we're
winning, but it doesn't matter - the investors will get their
rewards on the ruins of a neighborhood. mind you most people here
i think are for it - brooklyn hasn't had a sports arena for years.
but there were far better sites; placing it in the center of a
residential neighborhood is a mess.

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