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Thu Aug 23 17:24:33 CEST 2012

FIBER exhibition at NIMk: (Im)possible Worlds

Public event · By Fiber Festival

FIBER, the Amsterdam based audiovisual network festival, has been 
invited by the Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) to curate an 
exhibition that reflects current artistic developments within their 
network of up-and-coming audiovisual artists and designers. The 
exhibition ‘(Im)possible Worlds’ will run from August 23rd until 
September 28th at Platform 2.

On Thursday evening, August 23rd, ‘(Im)possible Worlds’ will open with a 
full programme that consists of a real-time sculpture performance with 
surround sound ('Integration.04') by Dieter Vandoren and an ambient 
music set played on two Nintendo DS’s by AuxPulse. FIBER DJ’s Dubberdink 
and Fafi Fabi will conclude the night with some deep electronic sounds.


OPENING PROGRAMME (18:30 - 23:30)
- Integration.04 – Dieter Vandoren
- AuxPulse
- Q&A with artists
- Music by FIBER: Dubberdink (DJ) & Fafi Fabi (DJ)

- SCHWARM – Nicolas Andreas Fischer
- ))))) repetition at my distance – Gabey Tjon A Tham
- Sound Of Signals – Leon Lubberdink & Robin Koek
– PLPLPL.PL PT.9: (Lost presence) - Matthias Oostrik
– Virtual Growth – Lieven van Velthoven
– Databooth – Sietse van der Meer (FIBER) & Heinze Havinga (Left Foot Media)

The five installations in ‘(Im)possible Worlds’ blend the physical real 
with the virtual nature of the computerized world, resulting in new 
realities that might be perceived as material, but remain intangible. In 
the case of moving images, the apparatus acts as a mediator between the 
(im)possible worlds displayed and the tactile and emotional experiences 
they invoke in the audience. Using computer systems, the 
interdisciplinary artists construct audiovisual and material 
representations of light, sound, movement and space, that allow the 
experience of alternative notions of reality.

With the on-going meta-art project 'Databooth' by Sietse van der Meer 
(FIBER) and Heinze Havinga (Left Foot Media) FIBER also present these 
works in the virtual domain. Real-time data from the artworks is 
harvested and shared as open datasets on COSM, making this the first 
exhibition with its own API. Developers are free to use this input to 
create new works of art.

Another manner for new media artists to unleash their creativity, is by 
developing artistic applications. Artists like Rutger Muller and Peter 
Kirn have therefore been invited to curate an app-gallery with artistic 
tools that are just a touch away.

NIMk and FIBER invite everyone to join the opening of ‘(Im)possible 
Worlds’ and to explore the installations, meet the artists and enjoy the 
performances at the wonderful building that (for now), still houses the 

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