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DA FACT newsletter | july & august 2012

- The 16th International Saxophone Meeting:
Philippe Geiss is until July 3 at the 16th International Saxophone Meeting of Nova Gorica in Slovenia for masterclasses.

- Karlax reviewed by Christine Webster in KR magazine:
Karlax is reviewed in Keyboards Recording magazine of this month. It is available now. Then, you will get more info by checking out the Christine Webster's blog.

- Ljubljana Festival: 
At the Ljubljana Festival (June 20 - September 13), Philippe Geiss will perform on Wednesday 4 July, at 8.00 pm, at The Atrium of the Ursuline Monastery.

- Karlax Ecritures #2: 
The CNSMDP hosted the second session of "Karlax Ecritures" about writing electroacoustic music for Karlax. Check out the minutes of the meeting.

- Kala composed by Daniel Figols Cuevas: 
Daniel Figols Cuevas, composer, told us (in french) how and why he works with the Karlax for his piece Kala, performed on October 5, at the CNSMDP.

- World Saxophone Congress: 
The university town of St Andrews will hold the World Saxophone Congress XVI from July 10 to 15. Philippe Geiss & Diastema Saxophone Quartet will perform on July 11.

- Streamline Project / Hidden Session #7
Streamline / Hidden Session #7 with Nhandan Chirco, Seijiro Murayama and Branko Popovic, at Msuv Novi Sad on July 11.

- Musicalta Festival: 
The greatest masterpieces of the music of the eighteenth century daily rub with contemporary, contemporary music or electro-acoustic music at the Musicalta Festival. From July 21 to August 8, in Rouffach country.

- New translation for the Da Fact website: 
The Da Fact website is now available in Japanese.

- Keep in touch thanks to the Karlax Blog: 
HEM, Genève | Lightness of Being, Hong Kong | CNSM, Paris | Fashion | Automotive | Theater... Keep an eye on the Karlax community!

- the DA FACT showroom is open during the summer: 
If you wish to discover and try Karlax, don´t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment.

- Subscribe to the Facebook page or to the Twitter account of Karlax to be informed about the presentations and performances of the community.

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