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This looks like fun
on Thursday eve online.
I heard that it was the BEST thing at the AV festival a couple of years 

: )

> *Liliane LijnPowergame Online*
> I am delighted to invite you to take part in /Powergame/ /Online/, 
> which will take place between 17.00 and 20.00 on 5th July, online at 
> www.powergameonline.com <http://www.powergameonline.com/> as well as 
> on the high definition digital screen at the Ruskin Gallery in Anglia 
> Ruskin University in Cambridge.
> /Power Game/ is an exploration of the meaning of power and of the 
> prejudices and preconceptions that people attach to words. Staged 
> several times by Liliane Lijn, since its first staging in 1974, when 
> underground filmmaker Derek Jarman and Middle East commentator Patrick 
> Seale took part in it. /Power Game /has now been adapted to the 
> digital medium, using Twitter as its platform. In its new digital 
> incarnation, it will use Twitter feeds, and will be viewable on a 
> specially made web site, where registered players and the MC will be 
> represented by their Twitter avatars.
> You can play online from anywhere in the world or be present at the 
> Cambridge School of Art at 5.00 pm on Thursday 5th July. You need 
> to have a Twitter account and be free to tweet for at least an 
> hour between 5.00 and 8.00 pm. To register as a Player, tweet 
> @powergameonline. You will be followed back, put on a Player List and 
> sent regular updates through Twitter. Alternatively, email Liliane 
> Lijn : liliane at lilianelijn.com <mailto:liliane at lilianelijn.com> with 
> your Twitter name and your availability to play on the night. If you 
> do not wish to be a player, you can be a voter by following 
> @powergameonline on Twitter.On the day of the game you should log into 
> your Twitter account. Open the timeline of @powergameonline as well as 
> www.powergameonline.com <http://www.powergameonline.com/>. In response 
> to the /Powergame Online/ MC’s dealing out 3 word cards, visible 
> online, players will choose the most powerful word and defend it in 
> one Tweet. Once all Players have made their choices, the MC will ask 
> for voters to vote for the most powerful word. Votes will be tallied 
> and the most powerful word for each round will be revealed.
> For more detail and instructions on How to Play open 
> http://www.powergameonline.com/how-to-play.
> /Powergame Online /will launch /Games Artists Play/, a strand of the 
> Exhibition ’Poetry, Language, Code’ curated by Bronac Ferran, 
> which runs from 21st June to 12th July.
> Other artists in the exhibition are:  Eduardo Kac, Alan Sutcliffe, 
> Liliane Lijn, Chris Payne, London Fieldworks (with Steve Beard), 
> ubermorgen.com <http://ubermorgen.com> Paolo Cirio, 
> Alessandro Ludovico, Heath bunting, Willliam Latham, Giselle 
> Beiguelman, Mariana Manhares and Ernest Edmonds.
> *Liliane Lijn*
> *www.lilianelijn.com <http://www.lilianelijn.com>*
> *07770350633*
> *02088095636*
> *
> *

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