[NetBehaviour] barbaric slaughter

James Morris james at jwm-art.net
Tue Jul 10 00:29:04 CEST 2012

all in the name of feeding my partner and myself i have commited the
following crimes:

1) drowning of slugs in beer and leaving their corpses to rot until
rancid and stinking
2) launching of snails into the field behind where we live
3) launching of a snail into garden furniture (admittedly this was an
accident it was meant for the field) at high velocity
4) torture of snails: three snails were placed in a flower pot and each
time any one of them got close to the edge i'd prod them with a leaf
tip to cause them to hide in their shell. after some minutes of this i
left them on the garden table in the hope the birds might get them.
5) mass slaughter of aphids/greenfly with ""organic"" pesticide (smells
bad and i don't think is good for chilli plants).
6) mass slaughter/eviction of aphids/greenfly using winsor&newton no10
flat paint brush.

what were the crimes of these poor innocent creatures?

1) slugs/snails devouring as much as possible in the garden and taking
full advantage of the wet seasons this year
2) aphids living without permission on MY chilli plants
3) aphids having ancestors who conspired to dash my attempts at
'over-wintering' my chilli plants from last year
4) slugs/snails devouring potato foliage leaving the plant looking very
sorry indeed (but not actually effecting the crop AFAICT).


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