[NetBehaviour] !Mediengruppe BITNIK – Chess For CCTV Operators

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Mon Jul 30 13:34:03 CEST 2012

!Mediengruppe BITNIK – Chess For CCTV Operators

“Chess For CCTV Operators” is a performance for which surveilled urban 
spaces are the stage. For their urban hack !Mediengruppe BITNIK fitted a 
portable suitcase with a video transmitter, an antenna and a chess 
computer. Equipped with this suitcase they went, during the three day 
intervention in the city, in search of security camera signals to take 
over and camera operators to challenge to a game of chess. The take-over 
made the surveillance camera image on the operators screen suddenly 
disappear showing instead a chess board and the text “Will you play 
chess with me? – You are white, I am black”, and stating a telephone 
number for communication. Surveillance systems work one-directionally; 
they do not fulfil any communicative purpose.

"Very nice performance in subway done by hijacking surveillance camera 
signals, do watch. Reminds slightly of the movie Wargames." Jospehine Bosma.



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