[NetBehaviour] Career Moves | Board Game | By Mary Flanagan

marc marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Tue Jul 31 11:25:16 CEST 2012

By Mary Flanagan.

Career Moves explores the contradictory world of women in corporate 
America through an interactive, computer controlled board game.

Work is a troubling condition internationally for all women. Women 
represent 50 per cent of the world adult population and one-third of the 
official labour force, but they perform nearly two-thirds of all work 
hours, receive one-tenth of the world income and own less than 1 per 
cent of the world’s property. Much of women’s work is not officially 
recognized and does not entitle them to any remuneration, respect or 
rights usually associated with work (UNESCO).

The game itself represents several aspects of women and work under a 
variety of conditions, from menial jobs to corporate spaces. Many 
plastic items are embedded into the game board, represent in 
accoutrements of “success.” Players typically take turns moving their 
game pieces around the board using the die. Upon landing on a space 
occupied with an object, players use tongs to retrieve the object. If 
the player falters or touches the side of the board with the tongs, he 
or she hears sampled voice sources taken from the career coaching and 
self-help industry directed at women, groups feeding off of social 
change by offering patronizing and constrictive advice to women caught 
in flux. The sampled dialogue presents a tangled web of contradictory 
statements about women, work, and agency.


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