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October 4 - November 4, 2012

The 14th edition of the Art+Communication festival with the theme "art 
of resilience" will be discussing a sustainaibility from art perspective.

* Theme:

Today art is leaving its autonomous position behind the society's quest 
for a sustainable future. Artists who once were in vanguard of exploring 
digital frontiers, today again are among the first ones who are actively 
engaged in looking for other ways how to make the world more sustainable.
Resilience is one of the key tactics that helps people to undergo 
unstable, uncertain times. The idea of a resilience will be used as a 
guiding theme and as a point of departure for the festival discussions 
with which we aim at fostering deeper understanding of social, cultural 
and ecological, as well as technological sustainability issues.

We are questioning: How to enhance resilience - our capability to cope 
with today's complex situation that has occurred in the result of rapid 
'techno-sciences' development? Does art play a role of a 'catalyst' in 
this quest for sustainability, if it keeps actively establishing new 
connections with other fields - science and technology, architecture and 
design, rural infrastructure development and urban planning, social 
networking and global engineering? How these emergent art practices that 
are bridging not only different fields but also exploiting resilience 
experiences from different times and different cultures, are 
contributing towards developing a successful scenario for the future world?

* Programme:

The main festival programme will take place in Riga, Latvia, October 4 - 
6, 2012, including international art, science and technology conference 
"Art of Resilience" with visionary thinkers, artists and scientists from 
different countries of the Europe and the world. The festival will also 
feature unique programme of audiovisual performances, electronic music 
concerts and experimental film and video programmes in Spikeri Concert 
Hall. The exhibition this year will take place in RIXC Media Space, open 
from October 4 until November 4.
In parallel to the main festival programme, series of "art of 
resilience" workshops in Riga and Liepaja will be organised by RIXC and 
MPLab (Art Research Lab) of Liepaja University, that will result into 
annual International New Media Art Week "iWeek" held in Liepaja, from 
October 26 - November 3, 2012.
* * *


We welcome participants with different background and from different 
fields - art, science, technology, sociology, architecture, music, 
design, network activism etc. - to submit proposals for the conference. 
We also invite artists and electronic musicians to propose their work 
and ideas for other festival events - performances, workshops, video 
Notification - September 3, 2012

Please send your proposals - conference abstracts (about 200 words) as 
well as descriptions of proposed workshop or artwork (performance, 
video) along with your short biography to: rixc at rixc.lv and/or 
rasa at rixc.lv (Rasa Smite)

* * *

The "Art of Resilience" conference will be organised in the framework of 
the European partnership project "Survival Kit" in collaboration with  
MPLab (Art Research Lab) of Liepaja University and Latvian Contemporary 
Arts Center.

Find out more about previous "Art+Communication" festival editions: 
"Techno-Ecologies" in 2011 (and all the other ones starting 1996) here: 

Festival organiser: RIXC.lv

Support: State Cultural Capital Foundation, Nordic Culture Point, Riga 
City Council, EU Culture 2007-2013

Contact: festival curators - Rasa Smite rasa at rixc.lv, and Raitis Smits 
raitis at rixc.lv


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