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I have Sans Soleil (full film on youtube)  in my obit for Chris Marker.  
Please see my blog post. It's at the bottom.

Most other obits link La Jetee and Sans Soleil so I have decided to 
feature other under-representedworks by Chris Marker.

Fung Lin
> Hi Fung-Lin,
> Just found 'Sans Soleil' (1983) directed by Chris Marker - on Youtube -
> saw it originally a while back now. It seems even better now :-)
> "The title is from the song cycle Sunless by Modest Mussorgsky. Sans
> Soleil is a meditation on the nature of human memory, showing the
> inability to recall the context and nuances of memory and how, as a
> result, the perception of personal and global histories are affected.
> Stretching the genre of documentary, this experimental essay-film is a
> composition of thoughts, images and scenes, mainly from Japan and
> Guinea-Bissau, "two extreme poles of survival". Some other scenes were
> filmed in Iceland, Paris, and San Francisco. A female narrator reads
> from letters supposedly sent to her by the (fictitious) cameraman Sandor
> Krasna.
> Sans Soleil is often labeled as a documentary, travelogue, or
> essay-film. Despite the film's modest use of fictional content, it
> should not be confused as a mock-documentary; the fictitious content
> works as a device to assist meaning in the film which, along with its
> occasionally nondescript movement among locations and lack of
> character-based narrative, is derived from the juxtaposition of
> narrative and image."
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d4_YKpMQLc&feature=share
> wishing you well.
> marc
>> Adieu Chris Marker. He was 92 years old.
>> http://www.mutanteggplant.com/vitro-nasu/2012/07/30/adieu-chris-marker/ <http://www.mutanteggplant.com/vitro-nasu/2012/07/30/adieu-chris-marker/>
>> " Marker’s creative use of sound, images and text in his poetic,
>> political and philosophical documentaries made him one of the most
>> inventive of film-makers.
>> Marker’s interests lay in transitional societies – “life in the
>> process of becoming history,” as he put it. How do various cultures
>> perceive and sustain themselves and each other in the increasingly
>> intermingled modern world?"
>> Recently I saw a documentary by Chris Marker on Akira Kurosawa Making
>> of "Ran" .. It was excellent.. now you can it on youtube.
>> Fung Lin
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