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Hi Everyone -
thought I'd share a couple links from some things I've been involved in
speed show : extra
a couple weeks ago, I put together an internet art show in the computer lab
I teach in. it was really interesting to do. the site has a brief overview
I wrote after the show as well as links to all of the artists and works
that were shown. one work had to be taken down due to a 'terms of service'
dispute ( Sarah Weis ) but the piece lives on at 0-Day
A few of the other pieces have been written about here and there, but I
still need to collect those links. If you have any thoughts or questions,
I'd be happy to talk!

Plink Flojd <http://vimeo.com/channels/plinkflojd> -
this is a collective project that I was invited to create a video for. the
group of videos is really great - it was organized for Rojo
Nova<http://novafestival.com/>by David Quiles Guillo.

Sheroes <http://fuckyeahsheroes.tumblr.com/> -
this is a monthly event series in Toronto organized mostly by Rea Mcnamara.
it includes music and art performances as well as specially made GIFs from
a wide range of awesome artists collected by Lorna Mills. the focus of each
event is an iconic pop-culture/musical female performer. its been really
fun to put together GIFs and to see what everyone else is doing - but i
wish i could get out there before the series ends and take part physically!


A. Bill Miller
<SITE> http://www.master-list2000.com/abillmiller/
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