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reSource event 001: Trial Crack

11-12 May, 2012
General Public, Schoenhauser Allee 167, 10435 Berlin (U2 Senefelder Platz)

The reSource transmedial culture berlin comes back after the 
transmediale festival with a two day programme under the name of "Trial 
Crack", scheduled on May 11-12. The reSource is the new year-round 
initiative of transmediale festival, in partnership with CTM/DISK, 
Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien and the Post-Media Lab (Leuphana 
University of Lueneburg). The reSource is a project of networking, a 
work in progress based on the inter-connection of genres & practices, 
which aims to create occasions of sharing and reflections by bringing 
together communities and individuals who work critically with art, 
technology, politics and identity. The reSource programme is curated by 
Tatiana Bazzichelli (transmediale festival, 

May 11, 2012

## May 11, 15:00-19:00 @ General Public
The first day of "Trial Crack" proposes a collective discussion on 
networking methodologies of curating and distributed logic of artistic 
production with cultural producers based in Berlin. What is the 
responsibility and the role of cultural institutions engaging with art 
and digital technologies, towards a critical articulation of culture 
production? We aim to discuss and share our current reflections and 
share with the rest of participants ideas on how to build a stronger 
connection between local - and translocal - agents in the fields of 
critical media, art and hacktivism in the city. The discussion is 
introduced by: Tatiana Bazzichelli and Kristoffer Gansing 
(transmediale), Stéphane Bauer (Kunstraum Kreuzberg /Bethanien), Oliver 
Baurhenn, Jan Rohlf, Remco Schuurbiers (CTM/Disk), Clemens Apprich and 
Oliver Lerone Schultz (Post-Media Lab, Leuphana University of Lüneburg), 
who will open up the discussion to the audience. Confirmed participants 
are: Reboot.fm, Weise 7, C-Base, Supermarkt, ArtLaboratoryBerlin, 
Artconnect Berlin, Citizen Kino, Leap Gallery, Liebig12, Skulpturen 
Park, Visual Berlin, Florian Wüst (Haben und Brauchen), Krystian 
Woznicki (Berliner Gazette), Panke, Ausland, AV Node Festival, Gegen, 
Daz, Free Museum, Share Festival, Coded Cultures, re:publica, a.o.
Please rsvp via email to confirm your attendance: resource at transmediale.de.

## Partner event: May 11, 19:00 until late @ LIEBIG12
After the open discussion the programme continues with audio-visual 
performances at Liebig12 (Liebigstraße 12, 10247 Berlin; U5 Frankfurter 
Tor). Sound and video installation and rime collage by Holger Bleck 
(Zeitungspoet) and Allegra Solitude. Performance by Ivana Spinelli and 
sound layering by Simon Olivie. Performative jamming guests: Ayia 
Dumplings Catering + Steffen Ullmann on the mix. More info: 

May 12, 2012

## May 12, 13:00-19:00 @ General Public
In Berlin, hacker, activist and artistic practices are very much 
realised outside the realm of artistic institutions. Some of those 
practices are contributing to transform the economy and the cultural 
asset of the city, but they are also becoming easy targets to be 
exploited by the market. Starting from the assumption that the 
increasing commercialisation of the contexts of sharing and 
participation is currently transforming the meaning of art and cultural 
production in Berlin, on May 12 from 13:00 to 19:00, artists, hackers, 
and gender-situated communities are involved in three different but 
conceptually linked discussions: Sustainable Disruption (13:00-14:50); 
Post Privacy (15:30-17:00) and Queer Shifts (17:30-19:00). There is 
limited space at the venue. Please arrive on time to secure seating.

## Sustainable Disruption, 13.00-14.50 @ General Public:
This discussion follows the thread initiated by the "reSource market" 
thematic programme at transmediale 2K+12 
(www.transmediale.de/content/resource-markets), which reflected on the 
status of capitalism in a time of crisis, proposing both critical, 
playful and sustainable alternatives by intervening directly within 
economical and political systems.
In Part 1 (13.00-13.50): Rasa Smite (LV) and Philip Horst (DE) reflect 
on strategies of sustainability and art production at the interface of 
urban research and renewable networks, highlighting artistic 
investigations on migration and integration, economics and ecology.
In Part 2 (14.00-14.50): Alexander Müller (DE) and Georgios Papadopoulos 
(GR) reflect on network strategies of creating disruption among 
political and economical systems. The scope is to open up a critical 
perspective, intervening directly on symbols of economic value, national 
identity and political power.
Moderated by Clemens Apprich and Oliver Lerone Schultz.

## Post Privacy, 15.30-17.00 @ General Public:
This discussion follows the thread initiated by the "reSource network" 
thematic programme at transmediale 2K+12 
(http://www.transmediale.de/content/resource-networks), which reflected 
on power structures, pervasive control and surveillance by corporations 
and centralised systems, and their possible subversion through 
subjective empowerment. This discussion reflects on the problematic of 
openness towards data protection, as a consequence of the contemporary 
economy of user-generated contents. Through the presence of "tante"/ 
Jürgen Geuter and "mspro"/Michael Seeman, it highlights the perspective 
of the recently emerged social sub-movement of the "datenschutzkritische 
Spackeria"/"the privacy criticizing Spackeria" 
which is proposing a different attitude on privacy matters and 
transforming the meaning of openness and transparency. Julian Oliver and 
Danja Vasiliev of the artistic group Weise 7, present their recent 
Weise7 archive book, giving instead an artistic perspective on the issue 
of openness.
With: tante ("Jürgen Geuter") /Die datenschutzkritische Spackeria; 
Michael Seeman aka @mspro /ctrl-verlust.net; Julian Oliver and Danja 
Vasiliev /Weise 7.
Moderated by Gregor Sedlag /C-Base and Tatiana Bazzichelli.

## Queer Shifts, 17.30-19.00 @ General Public: Sliding visions into 
queer Berlin.
This panel follows the thread dedicated to the desire of experiencing 
and self-governing one's own sexuality by finding ways to inhabit the 
zone that lies between the oftentimes male-oriented mainstream porn and 
niche scene of queer communities, initiated during transmediale 2k+12 in 
the framework of the "reSource Sex" thematic programme 
In the words of Francesco Macarone Palmieri aka WARBEAR:

"How much is time the production of your own space? Where is the 
shifting point between time and space in terms of self-representation? 
How is queer theory a 'shifting' practice as an act of psychical 
nomadism in Berlin cultural production? In the last ten years we 
assisted to fragmented mirrors of queer shiftings; divergent 
convergences of micro-scenes appearing and disappearing in a 
dis/connecting rhizome. In the background, the social network of Berlin 
produces itself as the Master plan which uses its cultural production 
technologies  - the queer one within - as resources for its 
gentrification processes in a bigger and fluid dialogue with the 
socio-political forces. The discussion will focus on the position that 
promotions and individuals as projects are taking into this vectorial 
skyline. The narration will focus on the public adventures in the 
space-time travel of identity deconstruction, as a spontaneous theory 
that enters into the a-critical use of the 'community' concept".
With: Lena Braun (DE) / Gallery Su de Coucou; Walter Crasshole 
/Exberliner; Danilo Rosato (IT) and Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena 
(IT) /Homopatik.
Moderated by Francesco "Warbear" Macarone Palmieri.

## Partner event: May 12 @ Supermarkt
SUPERMARKT, creative resource centre in Berlin-Wedding, is celebrating 
its Grand Opening on May 12. Starting from 5pm until late, SUPERMARKT 
invites you for music, drinks, artworks and many other delights.
Twitter: @super_markt

More info about "Trial Crack":


Tatiana Bazzichelli
reSource curator and programme developer

Georgia Nicolau
reSource programme assistant

resource at transmediale.de
Twitter: @transmediale (#tmresource)

Tatiana Bazzichelli // reSource curator and programme developer
in/compatible // transmediale 2012, 31 Jan - 5 Feb 2012 // 

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