[NetBehaviour] Helping send tweets into space!

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There's probably some new-fangled "listen again" device on the BBC interweb place...

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on The Today Programme!?
nooooo! I missed it.

This is  beautifully reminiscent of the work by the AAA (association
    of autonomous astronauts) here in the UK a few decades back.
Thanks Scott and Nathaniel for your important work democratising the
    planets: )

: )

On 11/05/2012 07:34, Michael Szpakowski wrote: 
>just had my genteel early morning listening to "TODAY" on Radio 4 splendidly interrupted by an interview with Nathaniel by bemused Radio 4 presenter...
>Nice job Nathaniel! - life can be very odd sometimes...
>This project has to happen now it's been on "TODAY" -send in your £10, or whatever!
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>Subject: [NetBehaviour] Helping send tweets into space!
>Hello everyone:
>It's been a great week for Scott and me. If you haven't
            heard, our upcoming project "Tweets in Space" has exploded
            online, with features on sites like Scientific American, the
            NY Daily News, Chip Chick, and of course the Journal
            Sentinel (who broke the story), among many, many others. And
            the Twitterverse is all, well, atwitter with #tweetsinspace
            already, setting up the hype for what is to come in
>Sadly, however, very little of this excitement has
            translated into the fundraising we need to make the project
            happen at ISEA (the International Symposium on Electronic
            Art), where we plan to project and beam Twitter messages
            towards GJ667Cc, a Super-Earth 22 light years away. We're
            barely above 20% of our goal with almost half our time gone.
            I'm wondering if you'd consider donating even at the
            smallest level - $10 - and/or perhaps encouraging a few of
            your friends, the social media junky ones (you know who I
            mean) to do so? We'd be well over our goal already if
            everyone who seemed interested in the project did as such.
            If you have any suggestions for us - whether about the
            project, our fundraising, or anything else - we're all ears!
>Here's the link (oh, and watch the video! It's v. funny).
>Thank you so much in advance. Best,
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