[NetBehaviour] On Painting and Politics - Class Wargames interviews KIMATHI DONKOR.

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In his recent review of “On Presidents and Superheroes” by Khaled Hafez, 
as part of the Subversion exhibition at Cornerhouse, Michael suggested 
that while artists "can be uncannily prescient about impending social 
change" they can make "infuriatingly ditzy politicos". [ 

This interview with Kimathi Donkor about his painting "Toussaint 
L'Ouverture at Bedourete" [ http://vimeo.com/41627274 ]
(ahead of Invisible Forces our upcoming exhibition at Furtherfield 
Gallery) explores the limits and possibilities of art - particularly the 
making and contextualising of images - to effect progressive social change.

Donkor talks about whether a particular painting style can have moral 
authority (whether neo-classical painting still be subversive); about 
the "radical ambiguity" inherent in painting as a method of discourse; 
about the destabilising effects of imagery; and the associated efforts 
to restrict, monitor and control expression and representation in order 
to advance particular political economies.

I enjoy Donkor's thoughtful, straightforward and precise approach.

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Richard Barbrook and Fabian Tomset of Class Wargames interviews KIMATHI 

About the painting "Toussaint L'Ouverture at Bedourete". Painting 
appears courtesy of Kimathi Donkor © 2004

This interview was carried out for the Invisible Forces exhibition at
Furtherfield Gallery, London, 16th June - 11th August 2012.


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