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Print Fiction Online Exhibition

Artists and graphic designers present printed matter – such as books, 
posters or magazines – in the digital environment of web-portfolios. 
There are a few examples of printed matter which pretend their physical 
dasein throughout the web without ever getting produced or even being 
published in the "real world". Thereby the digital presentation of those 
fictive products is guided by their analogue realizability. Actually 
there are no limitations to the enactment of fictive printed-products in 
the net. Therefore the exhibition "Print Fiction" wants to encourage 
artists and graphic designers to ask how utopias of printed matter can 
look like.

The display of fictive printed-matter on computer-screens is certainly 
not new. There have been folders or imitations of paper in writing 
programs that seem to be analogue since the beginning of 
desktop-publishing. Old analogue structures are upheld to ease the 
orientation within a graphical user interface. But the display of 
fictive printed-matter is herein extended by the expression of artistic 

Paper necessitates a completed work. The digital intercommunication 
replaces the completed and written corpus of information with a 
continuous process. This transformation is in full progress – will it 
come to an end after all? "Print Fiction" is about developing new 
figures and forms of expression for existing models within a process. 
The examination should be primarily artistic to create – independent 
from economic purposes – visions and reflexions of these new figures of 
fictive products. What conditions make reality shapeable? Which design 
elements are imaginable?

The form of the "Print Fiction" exhibits shall be understood in the 
widest sense: Poster, paper-spreads, 3D-sculptures or utterly different. 
The exhibition-space will be a 3D-environment, accessible via web 
browser. All visitors will be able to navigate within the exhibition in 
a first-person perspective similar to a computer-game. "Print Fiction" 
will take place end of May 2012 at printfiction.net

Contributing artists are:

• Alexander Lis
• Claudia Klat
• Dan Solbach
• Hanna Nilsson
• Joel Evey
• Jonas Wandeler
• Kim Asendorf
• Lauren Francescone
• Lisa Pepita Weiss
• Marek Jung
• Martin Cole
• Martin Kohout
• Michael Alfred
• Pinar Viola
• Rasmus Svensson
• Tim Heiler
• Travess Smalley

May 31 – June 24, 2012,
opened 24h a day

Print Fiction
info at printfiction.net
Michael Alfred

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