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An influence by Andy Cameron to myself was a mid 90s text...

THE CALIFORNIAN IDEOLOGY | by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron (August 

At the end of the twentieth century, the long predicted convergence of 
the media, computing and telecommunications into hypermedia is finally 
happening. [2] Once again, capitalism's relentless drive to diversify 
and intensify the creative powers of human labour is on the verge of 
qualitatively transforming the way in which we work, play and live 
together. By integrating different technologies around common protocols, 
something is being created which is more than the sum of its parts. When 
the ability to produce and receive unlimited amounts of information in 
any form is combined with the reach of the global telephone networks, 
existing forms of work and leisure can be fundamentally transformed. New 
industries will be born and current stock market favourites will swept 
away. At such moments of profound social change, anyone who can offer a 
simple explanation of what is happening will be listened to with great 
interest. At this crucial juncture, a loose alliance of writers, 
hackers, capitalists and artists from the West Coast of the USA have 
succeeded in defining a heterogeneous orthodoxy for the coming 
information age: the Californian Ideology."


wishing all well.

> R.I.P Andy Cameron.
> Andy Cameron, digital pioneer, co-founder of the Antirom collective,
> artist, teacher and, latterly, creative director at Fabrica and Wieden +
> Kennedy, has died unexpectedly.
> Cameron was a hugely influential and inspirational figure in the
> development of digital media, both through his own work (which
> encompassed commercial projects as well as art installations for shows
> in the Barbican, MoMA in New York, the V&A and the Pompidou Centre) and
> as a teacher and mentor at first the University of Westminster and
> latterly at Fabrica, Benetton's research centre. He believed
> fundamentally in the potential of digital media to re-invent the way we
> communicate with one another. A great many of those leading the field of
> digital design and interactive media today were influenced, inspired and
> guided by him.
> Cameron first became interested in digital media in the early 1990s
> after becoming disillusioned with photography. "I realised I was just
> deeply bored with photography and was really, really excited by the
> opportunities that interactive representations offered," he told CR in a
> July 2010 interview. "I just thought it was really, really cool that you
> could interrogate an image and that it would respond to your actions in
> different ways depending on what you did. I actually still haven't got
> over that, I still think it's really cool."
> http://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2012/may/andy-cameron

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