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Many interesting workshops coming up don't miss them. see details below.


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      The latest workshops and news from Codasign.
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       Upcoming Codasign Workshops
        *Festival: Art, Music and Other Visible Things*
The Whitechapel Gallery is hosting a free festival for 14-24 year olds from
1-5pm on November 17 and Codasign will be holding a free workshop.
Participants will build musical synthesisers using some unusual and
unexpected materials.  More information can be found on The Whitechapel
Gallery website<http://codasign.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0954886ac439e603085ac5c81&id=aee8d20292&e=9ebf6fb1f3>

*Would you like to see our workshops closer to you?*
We are expanding our workshop series in the next few months, and while East
London will always be our home, we love all of London.  So if you know of a
gallery or other space near you that you'd love to see our workshops in,
let us know at info at codasign.com<info at codasign.com?subject=Place%20to%20hold%20workshops>
!    Making Interactive Music Apps for iPhones and iPads *11am-5pm, Sunday
November 4th
[ space ]*
*more information*<http://codasign.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0954886ac439e603085ac5c81&id=fd1fdaf4e9&e=9ebf6fb1f3>

This course will go through introductory concepts and techniques involved
in the design and building of creative music apps for iOS.  We will guide
you through the initial design stages of an audio processing app, and will
then introduce you to a powerful music-making toolkit for iOS. The course
will then walk you through the steps required to make an iPhone play
beautiful mandolin sounds, and how to implement Gesture Recognizers to
easily control the instrument. By the end you will have a fully-working
handheld mandolin, as well as the knowledge and the code needed to start
building a beta version of the app.
    Register Now
     Arduino Taster
*6:30-9pm Tuesday November 13
*more information*<http://codasign.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0954886ac439e603085ac5c81&id=4c0c8ab011&e=9ebf6fb1f3>
Arduino is a popular microcontroller platform often used in interactive
artwork and other DIY electronics projects. In this taster workshop you'll
get to learn the basics of programming the Arduino board and building
electrical circuits.

You don't have to have any previous experience in programming or
electronics - we'll guide you from the very beginning. You'll get learn how
to blink a light on and off and control its brightness.

You can choose to buy and keep all the parts or just borrow everything for
evening while you decide if Arduino is for you. You can also choose to
purchase the parts at the end of the workshop (via Paypal or with cash).
    Register Now
        Remember, all of our workshop material is available for free
Visit http://learning.codasign.com<http://codasign.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=0954886ac439e603085ac5c81&id=bb63246576&e=9ebf6fb1f3>
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