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Pixelache Festival 2013 is entitled ‘Facing North – Facing South’ and is 
organized as a dual-city event, both in Helsinki and Tallinn during 
16-19 May 2013.
If every North as its South and every South its North, this is an 
invitation to alternately face North and South from multiple points of 

With this theme, Pixelache expands it’s on-going 'Signals from the 
South' programme, that has focused on presenting media, art and 
technology projects from Africa, South America and Asia since 2009. It 
explores further the relationships between South and North, looking at 
these notions from various perspectives, including geo-political, 
cultural, economical, both on global, regional and local levels.

 From a regional point of view, organizing part of the festival in 
Tallinn poses the question of what it means to bring these cultural 
actions across the water. Indeed, not only geographically, but also 
economically, Tallinn is still in the South of Helsinki. The term 
'Talsinki' has in the past often been used by Estonians "to imply that 
the commercial centre of Tallinn has become the ‘Helsinkians’ living 
room" (Wikipedia). On the other hand the biggest group of immigrants to 
Finland is Estonians, especially construction workers. There is an 
economical benefit from relocating South. Shall we and how, deal with 
this dissimmetry as a festival? Can we build something meaningful 
between both capitals, that would contribute realizing the 
Talsinki/Hellina twin city ambition as envisioned by the think-tank 
Demos Helsinki and the two cities themselves?

 From a global point of view, relations between commonly understood 
North and South are even more complex and the problematics raised by 
cooperation issues are multifaceted. Various non-western initiatives 
have been encountered through the Pixelache Network during the past 
years and also contributed to disseminating approaches strongly relying 
on the potential of open source, D.I.W.O. and peer-learning practices. 
In that context, both individuals and Pixelache Network nodes have been 
exploring two-way exchanges and on-going processes. At the time when 
many countries in Europe today are also starting to face the same water, 
energy and food dependency crisis than in the South, more than ever we 
should explore the ideas and initiatives emerging in the South and 
imagine new ways to tackle together these common issues.

/// Call for Programme Planner

We are looking for organisations, groups or individuals who would like 
to organise a seminar and an exhibition for the 'Facing North – Facing 
South' programme of Pixelache in Helsinki in 2013, with the hope that 
the programme will bring interesting insights and points of views to the 
question of North-South relationships.

The selected organisation, group or individual will be given a 
production budget and a fee for the realization of the 'Facing North – 
Facing South' seminar and exhibition.

Applications will be reviewed in early December by a committee 
consisting of Marion Louisgrand (Kër Thiossane, Dakar, Senegal), Raquel 
Renno (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brasil), Peter Kuria 
Githinji (Shalin, Helsinki, Finland), Mathieu Marguerin (Mal au Pixel, 
Paris, France), Vanessa Gocksch (Intermundos, Santa Marta, Colombia), 
Reet Aus (Trash to Trend, Tallinn, Estonia). Facilitation and production 
of the selected proposal will be carried out with support of the 
Pixelache Helsinki office, beginning in mid-December 2012.

Application deadline: 5.12.2012


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