[NetBehaviour] Augmented Bombings at "The HTMlles 10" in Montreal.

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Fri Nov 9 13:27:24 CET 2012

Hi Aharon & Dave,

A little while back in 2005, Ele Carpenter organized a project called 

"Creative Action in Political Culture, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The project included a media lab, exhibition, film programme and forums 
involving over 40 artists.


I think consumer culture creates the illusion of safety, whilst we fall 
into experiences of becoming more reliant and accepting without question 
or at least effective discourse or action, the top-down defaults of 
'state & father-like' dominance.

There is the risk of sacrificing emotional and personal forms of agency, 
when engulfed within such societal appropriations of our 'selves' as the 
lessening of possible autonomous space for ourselves and others, becomes 
set into different frameworks, designed in maintaining these depedencies.

Then there is the risk of critiquing and challenging these hegemonic 
defaults, cracking and hacking through these built distractions shakes 
things up in such a way, that our emotional states of being, and 
personal reputations are put in danger at various levels. We risk losing 
close connections to friends and others who may not be particularly 
interested in changing their own situations or want us to change ours 
(for whatever reasons). Thus, a shift occurs that can sometimes relate 
to issues of mutual trust, and that's just the beginning...

wishing you well.




Thanks Dave. I think this project is really funny in the sense that, in my
opinion, it opens up the question of risk in it's home space - the mind -
and how culturally we take risk with digital technologies.

Am I reading too much into this..?

Also, on the risk note, perhaps
will be of interest..?



 > this sounds interesting and would be good to hear more about the ideas
 > behind it. why bombs? how does the risk idea work? why use AR?
 > thanks dave
 > On Nov 9, 2012 11:18 AM, "netbehaviour" <netbehaviour at furtherfield.org>
 > wrote:
 >> Augmented Bombings at "The HTMlles 10" in Montreal.
 >> The art project Augmented Bombings offers you now the unique possibility
 >> to share some extravagant risks.
 >> Nowadays risks are lurking behind every bush - even in augmented
 >> reality. In order to draw some attention to the latters the art service
 >> Augmented Bombings places virtual 3D bombs all over the world. There is
 >> no problem in doing so. Since everybody may place harmless virtual bombs
 >> whereever they like. A totally different thing is to inform affected
 >> people about. This is a risky business which regularly scrapes past
 >> punishable acts like 'harassment' or even 'feigning commission of a
 >> crime'.
 >> These risks are now available to be assumed by you!
 >> A) For the tough ones: Send a letter insinuating that YOU are
 >> responsible for one of three already placed bombs.
 >> B) For the soft ones: Send a letter warning unsuspecting bomb hosts that
 >> a controversial art project has positioned a bomb in their premises.
 >> 1) Normal risk: Print out from the website one of eight standard
 >> letters. Sign the document and send it to the respective person.
 >> 2) Small risk: Do the same as described above but without signing the
 >> letter.
 >> 3) Individual risk: Tell the art service Augmented Bombings where to
 >> place a virtual bomb, then follow the guidelines given for normal or
 >> small risk.
 >> Easy done? You think? Well, try it out: Will you really throw your
 >> letter in the post box or will it end up in the waste paper basket?
 >> The risks were created on the occasion of "The HTMlles 10" festival in
 >> Montreal (10- 18 November 2012), the theme of which is "Risky Business"
 >> (http://www.htmlles.net). There will be a project presentation in the
 >> café "Internet Zone" in Montreal on November 14, from 6 pm to 12 am.
 >> All risks are offered to you by the art service Augmented Bombings, a
 >> project by Susanne Berkenheger. They can be assumed by people worldwide.
 >> Augmented Bombings
 >> LAT52.5466380_LON13.4175490
 >> Post Box Office 580554
 >> D - 10414 Berlin
 >> Link: http://www.augmented-bombings.de/
 >> Location:
 >> Zone Internet
 >> 680 Jean-Talon O
 >> Montreal, QC H3N 1R8
 >> Canada
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