[NetBehaviour] grdwrks6000_p4 - by a. bill miller

netbehaviour netbehaviour at furtherfield.org
Fri Nov 9 14:17:31 CET 2012


audio/visual performance by a. bill miller
november 2nd, 2012 at little berlin gallery :::: appx. duration 12 minutes

This is the fourth live performance of the piece 'grdwrks6000'. The two 
primary components to the visual side of the project incorporate a live 
video feed from a camera pointed at the projection field. This input is 
processed through a feedback loop and as ASCII art.

In performance, the artist controls audio samples that coincide with 
changes in the visual characteristics. Because live video input is 
incorporated, any viewer that passes between the projection field and 
the camera becomes incorporated into the feedback loop.


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