[NetBehaviour] NULL OBJECT: Gustav Metzger thinks about nothing

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Fri Nov 9 18:01:12 CET 2012

NULL OBJECT: Gustav Metzger thinks about nothing


Friday 30 November 2012–Saturday 9 February 2013

Private View: Thursday 29 November, 6–8 pm

NULL OBJECT will exhibit the results of the collaboration between London 
Fieldworks (Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson) and internationally 
celebrated artist Gustav Metzger to create a sculptural work by linking 
a computer-brain interface with industrial manufacturing technology.

Using bespoke software, London Fieldworks produced 3D shape information 
from EEG readings of Metzger’s brainwaves as he attempted to think about 
nothing. This data was translated into instructions for a manufacturing 
robot, which carved out the shapes from the interior of a block of stone 
to create a void space.

As well as the sculptural representation of Gustav Metzger thinking 
about nothing, exhibits will include a film of the carving of the stone 
as well as other documentation of the development and delivery of the work.

A timely addition and challenge to the present climate of technological 
evolution and increasing cybernetic augmentation, NULL OBJECT offers an 
alternative model for a creative, non-invasive interface between 
body,mind and machine.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication of the same name 
published by Black Dog Publishing, including an introduction by the 
artists, a text by Gustav Metzger and four contextualising essays by 
Bronac Ferran, Hari Kunzru, Nick Lambert and Christopher Tyler. These 
leading writers across the fields of literature, art, science and 
technology explore the diverse historical and conceptual grounding for 
and broader implications of NULL OBJECT’s production process.

Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson will be signing copes of the book on the 
evening of the private view.

Gustav Metzger and London Fieldworks will discuss the project further at 
Central Saint Martins in Spring 2013. Please check back for details of 
additional events to be held at WORK Gallery in conjunction with the 

NULL OBJECT has been funded by Arts Council England and Computer Arts 

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