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Drawing as a Collective Activity.

Article by Ruth Catlow, Michael Szpakowski


Ruth Catlow and Michael Szpakowski write here as teachers in the Art and 
Design degrees at Writtle School of Design. They speak passionately 
about the role of drawing in what it is to be human. There is, they say, 
"no known human culture that has not made representational and other 
marks with something, on something, for both fun and survival". They 
assert the value of drawing studies and advocate a model for education 
based on peer-learning where teachers and students engage side by side 
in a process of exchange.

Ruth is an artist and co-founder and co-director of Furtherfield an 
online community for art, technology and social change and a gallery 
(formerly HTTP) in the heart of Finsbury Park, North London. She works 
with artists, curators, musicians, programmers, writers, activists and 
thinkers from around the world. She is currently developing the artistic 
programme and organisational infrastructure with a focus on Media Art 
Ecologies, aspiring to engender shared visions and infrastructures for 
other possible worlds. http://www.furtherfield.org/user/ruth-catlow

Michael Szpakowski is an artist, composer & writer. His music has been 
performed all over the UK, in Russia & the USA. He has exhibited work in 
galleries in the UK, mainland Europe & the USA. His short films have 
been shown throughout the world. He is composer & video artist for Tell 
Tale Hearts Theatre Company & a joint editor of the online video 
resource DVblog. http://www.somedancersandmusicians.com

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