[NetBehaviour] 121212 UpStage Festival Schedules Announced

helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Tue Nov 13 12:11:25 CET 2012

hi everyone,

Get our your diaries - the schedule of performances during the 121212 
UpStage Festival of Cyberformance has been announced!

This year the festival is in two parts, so there are two separate schedules:

  * "Walking backwards into the future", 5-11 December -- a programme of
    17 remounted cyberformances from the past five festivals.
    Schedule and time converters: http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=4328

  * "Testing -- 1 2, 1 2, 1 2?, 12 December -- new works in UpStage and
    other networked platforms.
    Schedule and time converters: http://upstage.org.nz/blog/?page_id=4058

Dan James (known online as Dan Untitled), who has been involved with 
UpStage since 2005 as a performer and curator, said that UpStage "... is 
a platform that enables people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds to 
easily interact with one another in real-time and share ideas, 
approaches and stories. People from all sorts of artistic backgrounds 
have found their way there -- visual artists, theatre people, musicians, 
DJs, VJs and animators."

Dan described UpStage as a blank stage and said that new audience 
members should "expect the unexpected!"

Download the media release announcing the schedule. 


helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst
helen at creative-catalyst.com

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