[NetBehaviour] Hunting + Gathering in the Digital Wilderness - reviewed.

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Hunting + Gathering in the Digital Wilderness - reviewed.

By Leila Christine Nadir.

Leila Nadir reviews the show Collect the WWWorld: The Artist as 
Archivist in the Internet Age which took place recently at 319 Scholes 
in Brooklyn. The artists in this exhibition are collectors and 
archivists who, having explored the digital wilderness, have done some 
weeding in order to plant a garden of cultivated, nurtured, looked-after 

In an essay for the catalog of Collect the WWWorld: The Artist as 
Archivist in the Internet Age, an exhibition installed most recently at 
319 Scholes in Brooklyn, Josephine Bosma announces that the wilderness 
is back. Though modernity provided the means for humans to sequester 
themselves safely in comfortable houses, sheltered from nature’s seasons 
and its bad moods, Bosma points out that the boundaries between the 
indoors and outdoors, between the private and the public, have been 
broken down by digital technologies. As data slips into our most 
intimate spaces, the way rain and wind once ripped through primitive 
shelters like caves and huts, we return to "a rather basic form of 
humanity"―an uncanny "21st century version of ancient cultures and 
traditions.” Sorting through an "erratic, uneven mess” of information, 
human beings are once again hunters and gatherers. (Bosma 2011).


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