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Bravo, Alan! I just bought your book and looking forward to read it...also
am in brooklyn for 2 days.
Shall we meet tomorrow, Thursday, end of the day?
Shall we?...
Bzzzzzz Suzon

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>(Please consider buying this - support the press and my work; it has
>a great introduction by Sandy Baldwin!)
>CONTACT: Abby Freeland, Marketing Manager at West Virginia University
>Press, 304 293 8400 x 6, abby.freeland at mail.wvu.edu
>Alan Sondheim pens Writing Under: Selection from "The Internet Text"
>MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- The Center for Literary Computing and West Virginia
>University Press are pleased to announce the publication of _Writing
>Under: Selections From the Internet Text_ by Alan Sondheim. This
>extraordinary collection of work explores and examines what happens to
>writing as it takes place on and through the networked computer.
>Sondheim began experimenting with artistic and philosophical writing using
>computers in the early 1970s. Since 1994, he has explored the
>possibilities of writing on the Internet, whether using blogs, web pages,
>e-mails, virtual worlds, or other tools. The sum total of Sondheim.s
>writing online is entitled "The Internet Text."
>_Writing Under_ selects from this work to provide insight into how writing
>takes place today and into the unique practices of a writer. The
>selections range from philosophical musings, to technical explorations of
>writing practice, to poetic meditations on the writer online. This work
>expands our understanding of writing today and charts a path for writing.s
>John Cayley of Brown University proclaims Alan Sondheim to be "the poet,
>the artist, the maker who has most profoundly immersed himself and his
>work in the life-changing code formsof networked computation that have
>the world and its 'genesis redux' in their grip." Christopher T.
>Funkhouser of New Jersey Institute of Technology affirms that "anyone
>interested in knowing more about (or from) a writer who has practiced and
>thrived on the Internet since its very beginnings needs to read this
>book." (See below for more.)
>Alan Sondheim is a Brooklyn-based new media artist, musician, writer, and
>performer. He is concerned with issues of virtuality, and the stake that
>the real world has in the virtual.
>_Writing Under_ is published by the Center for Literary Computing, West
>Virginia University. To order this title or to learn more about this book
>visit http://wvupressonline.com/sondheim_writing_under_9781935978732#4
>or phone (800) 621-2736.
>Writing Under: Selections From the Internet Text by Alan Sondheim
>December 2012/216pp
>ePub 978-1-935978-74-9/$19.99
>PB 978-1-935978-73-2/$19.99
>"Alan Sondheim is one of the precious few who joyfully-and in abject
>misery-risks these terrors of writing for us, for our pleasure and our
>undoing. What happens? Language disposes of us. As if that were not all
>that is required of any writer, Alan Sondheim is also the poet, the
>artist, the maker who has most profoundly immersed himself and his work in
>the life-changing code-forms of networked computation that have the world
>and its 'genesis redux' in their grip."
>- John Cayley, Literary Arts, Brown University
>"Sondheim crafts an often meandering + always introspective recording of
>his prodigious on-line output. Birthed [and often remixed] in digital
>formats and drenched in anxiousness + desire, his staggeringly open text
>gives rise to possibilities of endless interpretation and comprehension,
>leaving multiple re-reads a definite must."
>- Mez Breeze, Australian-based writer and practitioner of net.art
>"Encountering Alan Sondheim's work we become aware how versatile a writer
>he is. The vast fore-lands of his Internet Text contains an estimated
>25,000 pages of wryting involving - as Sandy Baldwin observes in his
>introduction "a phenomenology thick with human perception and intentions
>that are bodily, personal, political, and communal." In wryting, Sondheim
>produces all sorts of texts - poetry, prose, and the unnameable
>compositions existing amidst conditions of material transformations that
>merge (with) the physical and technological. Writing Under offers up
>generous statements of process, from a self- and other- aware master who
>is codework's godcyborg, a limner of psychedelic landscapes in Second
>Life, and an inveterate graphophile. This volume radiates foresight,
>stabilizing, if only for a moment, the fragility of "tenuously tethered
>bits and bytes" that exist in a vast field. For Sondheim, the creative is
>critical and vice versa; there's much telling in _Writing Under,_
>projecting insight into the machinery of his oeuvre. Anyone interested in
>knowing more about (or from) a writer who has practiced and thrived on the
>Internet since its very beginnings needs to read this book."
>- Christopher T. Funkhouser, Program Director, Communication and Media,
>New Jersey Institute of Technology

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