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DAFACT newsletter | november 2012

- Creative
center “Seegmuller”
Check out the videos of the preliminary project for the creative center
“Seegmuller” presentation days. It was in Strasbourg, last month with
Philippe Geiss and Tom Mays.

- Tom Mays' residency in Strasbourg <http://www.strasbourg.tommays.fr/> 
The 2nd session of Tom Mays' residency will take place in Strasbourg, on
November 14 and 15.

- Jean <http://www.gaite-lyrique.net/evenement/plaid-laureats-ircam-live>
Lochard at the Gaîté Lyrique for Ircam Live
Jean Lochard aka Najo will perform on Karlax as part of the Ircam Live, that
will take place at the Gaîté Lyrique during the Ircam Forum, on November 28.

- Philippe <http://philippegeiss.com/events/38/master-class-concert/>  Geiss
in Rouen
Philippe Geiss will start a short residency at the Conservatory of Rouen.
His next master class will be on November 28.

Where to learn Karlax?
- CNSMDP <http://www.cnsmdp.fr/> 
- HEM of Genève <http://www.hemge.ch/> 
- Strasbourg <http://www.conservatoire-strasbourg.fr/> 
- Athis-Mons <http://www.mairie-athis-mons.fr/annuaire/structure_98.htm> 
- Vincennes <http://www.vincennes.fr/Culture-sports-loisirs/Conservatoire> 

- Keep in touch thanks to the Karlax Blog <http://www.karlax.com/> 
Performances | HEM, Genève | Lightness of Being, Hong Kong | CNSM, Paris |
Theater... Keep an eye on the Karlax community!

- DA FACT showroom <http://www.dafact.com/lang-en/showroom.php> 
If you wish to discover and try Karlax don´t hesitate to contact us to make
an appointment.

Subscribe to the Facebook page or to the Twitter account of Karlax to be
informed about the presentations and performances of the community.
- Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karlax/179489555407182> 
- Twitter <http://www.twitter.com/da_fact> 

DA FACT sponsored by Parrot

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