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in partnership with Exist, Tape Projects and Ptarmigan

Experimental Performances

Multimedia, dance, video, sound, performance art, spoken word, installations


November 18th, 2012

7-11pm (Melbourne Time) @ Tape Projects, Melbourne

7-11pm (Sydney Time) @ Alaska Projects, Sydney

6-10pm (Brisbane Time) @ Metro Arts Basement. Brisbane

9am-1pm (Paris Time) @ Le Dansoir Karine Saporta, Paris

For its 21st edition, Dimanche Rouge partners with three Australian cities,
Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to produce a cross streamed festival on
Sunday, November 18th 2012.

Each city will present a one-hour program to be live streamed to the other

The edition will begin with the Melbourne program from 7-8pm (Melbourne
time), followed by Sydney 8-9pm (Sydney time), and 8-9pm (Brisbane time)
ending with Paris (noon-1pm Paris time).

For the Paris edition we would like the public to join us for a
complimentary breakfast at 9am and Norwegian brunch at noon.

The Paris program is curated and produced by Dimanche Rouge, Brisbane
program is by Nicola Morton (Exist,
www.existenceperformanceart.wordpress.com), Melbourne by Zoe Scoglio and
Michael Prior (Tape Projects, www.tapeprojects.org) and Sydney by Sari
Kivinen (Ptarmigan www.ptarmigan.fi).

Dimanche Rouge has become one of the largest monthly experimental
performance festivals in the world with almost 600 artists from 61
different countries featured since its inception in February 2011.

Dimanche Rouge is currently developing projects abroad intended to create
sustainable cultural and artistic exchanges. In 2012, in addition to the
Parisian monthly events, Dimanche Rouge has also organized events at the
Visual Brasil Festival in Barcelona, Spain, and in Toulouse, France.
Dimanche Rouge # 20, held in conjunction with the Mairie 19eme and Kumu Art
Museum, saw over 100 artists performing in Paris and Tallinn over three

Experimental performing arts are becoming an integral component of
contemporary culture. We hope you will join us in exploring this vibrant
art scene.


MELBOURNE @ Tape Projects
Time Paris 9am, Sydney/Melbourne 7pm, Brisbane 6pm
Michaela Davies and Sam Pettigrew ( 10’, hybrid art/ sound performance,
Deanne Butterworth & Michael Munson (10’, dance, installation, sound)
T. R. Carter and Arie Rain Glorie (10’, performance art)
Hannah Beth Rasin (duration variable,  performance art)
Scratch Ensemble - (duration determined by group consensus, composition,
action, undetermined)

SYDNEY @ Alaska Projects
Time Paris 10am, Sydney/Melbourne 8pm, Brisbane 7pm
Schappylle Scragg (10’, host performer)
Liam Benson (10’, vocal performance)
Janet Meaney (20’, performance art)
Naomi Oliver (5’, performance art)
Rhys Turner & co (15’, media, spoken word)

BRISBANE @ Metro Arts Basement
Time Paris 11am, Sydney/Melbourne 9pm, Brisbane 8pm
Botborg (10’, audio-visual feedback)
Leif Arwen Gifford (7’, expanded video art)
Onnie Art (3’, expanded vocal duet)
Leena Riethmuller (30’ durational, installation, simultaneous)
Velvet Pesu (30’ durational, installation, simultaneous)
Jamie Hume and Ben H. (5’, found sound)
Unique Oil Free Air (5’, found sound)
Marisa Allen (5’, spoken word)
459 (5’, live video)

PARIS @ Le Dansoir
Time Paris noon, Sydney/Melbourne 10pm, Brisbane 9pm
Ismael Ogando (25’, performance art, Dominican Republic)
Ane Lan (25’, experimental dance ritual, Norway)

Michaela Davies and Sam Pettigrew ‘Involuntary Duet’ Questioning accepted
notions of creative agency in the creation of music the project explores
new territory in the use of technology to create sound in performance. A
MIDI composition created by the artist is used to trigger a custom built
EMS device which sends electrical impulses to performers’ muscles,
generating specific involuntary movements which cause the musicians to
‘play’ their instruments. Underscoring the tension between control and
freedom in performance, the work expresses the spirit and potential
implications of Schoenberg’s statement “art is born not of 'I can' but of
'I must'” in a playfully expanded field. www.michaeladavies.net,
http://www.sampettigrew.net <http://www.michaeladavies.net/>
Deanne Butterworth & Michael Munson ‘MINDSET’ will be a real time
interactive audio and video with live sound based on the installation and
performance of TWINSHIPS at West Space Gallery  in October & November 2012.
This performance of MINDSET for Dimanche Rouge will utilise a previous
performance as a springboard for a new event which will combine 'liveness'
with 'document' to explore notions of connectivity, perception and time.
www.deannebutterworth.com & www.mgmsonic.com
T. R. Carter and Arie Rain Glorie ‘Body Communication’, like a painters
hand is present in the brush stroke on a canvas, the artists as body are
present in the space. Artists T.R. Carter and Arie Rain Glorie will
collaborate to improvise a performance artwork, with video and sound
elements, which explores the communicative capacity of the body in
contemporary art.
Scratch Ensemble ‘Scratch Music’.  In the tradition of Cornelius Cardew,
the Scratch Ensemble will convene to perform Scratch Music. Each member of
this ensemble will design their own graphic score, bringing their own
instrument (in the broadest sense of the word) with which to realise their
creation. With no prior knowledge of each other's work, the members of the
ensemble will perform their scores in unison.
Hannah Raisin ‘Contact’. A performance provocation that explores surface
and connection. Adorned with a bubble wrap suit, the artist invites
audience to pop the bubbles encasing her body. http://hannahraisin.com/
Schappylle Scragg is the hostest with the mostest. Last seen sunning
herself in all her bling glory on the hottest Gold Coast beaches,
Schappylle has returned to Sydney for a blast with her wild past. She will
also host the Sydney component of Dimanche Rouge #21 where France meets
Australia meets Schappylle. http://www.myspace.com/schappylle
Liam Benson presents the performance ‘In his own words’ which is a
performance responding to site of Alaska projects. Using the acoustics of
the car park Benson will explore his vocal range by reciting and sounding
out words, sentences and songs associated with Australian masculinity.
Janet Meaney’s performance  ‘Journeying’ alludes to the ephemerality of our
naming and mark making as we journey through the cycle of life. “I will
step barefooted into a puddle of white kaolin clay. Carrying a sack, I will
scatter Tumerict from it onto the ground in front of me. Then, walking
forward I will leave white imprints in the Tumeric  until they become
faint.  Walking back I will again step into the puddle and repeat the
action alongside the previous foot prints. This action will be repeated
until the lines of prints form a circle emanating from the centre. The
kaolin defines me as caucasian, the tumeric signifies the Indian tradition
of purifying and beautifying the body and the action is performed on sacred
aboriginal land ‘Yarrandabby” Elizabeth Bay.
Naomi Oliver presents a performance titled ‘Yes / No’ which looks at
identifying and overcoming self-defeating behaviours (in this case,
passivity), exploring the space between personal resolve and  actual
outcome: I want this, but keeping doing this instead. “Though I can feel
the undertow/ I never make a complaint/ Till it's too late for restraint/
Then when I want to I can't/ I can't sayyyyyy Oh no”. (Rodgers And
Hammerstein 'I Cain't Say No!’)
Rhys Turner & co present Squiggle 2.5. Squiggle is an ambient multiuser
video sculpture with live performance. Using a touch device (iPad,
iPodTouch, iPhone, TouchPC etc...) visitors help create an interactive
video, performance and sound sculpture with game-like interaction like that
of a VJ. The project explores the potential connectivity and virtual
baggage we carry around daily with so-called ‘smart’ technology and ties it
into spoken word, writing and poetry. Squiggle 2.5 is in made collaboration
with graphics by DAVROS (AUS), sound by VLADISLAV DELAY (FIN), and POINT

Botborg is an audio-visual performance group that fuses and rewires raw
electronic signals to create intensely visceral experiences of sound-colour
synaesthesia. Using a complex array of custom electronics, Botborg create
totally live multi-sensory assaults of interdependent colour and rhythm,
pushing the limits of technology to invoke the maximum possible stimulation
of their audience's mind and body. www.botborg.com
Leif Arwen Gifford ‘Explosive Tendencies’ A magical realist expression of
explosive tenedencies, informed by explosive climactic situations and an
attempt to reconcile positive Nihilism. Utilising video Mapping and
audiovisual coalition of sound performance and video.
Onnie Art ‘Yasi’ Vocal duet for effected male and female voices and bodies.
Performance features artists in the throw of an overhead projector with a
simple fan and cellophane effect. Originally conducted in Melbourne as
cyclone Yasi battered the north Queensland coast and symbolises an
elemental transmutation from sea to and, female to male, water to fire.
Leena Riethmuller ‘Saliva (Absorption)’ a performance in which I groom
myself from a large puddle of my own saliva. The performance begins with
myself standing in the middle of the space, wearing a little black dress
and pearl earrings, next to the pre-made puddle of saliva. I kneel down
into the puddle and scoop the fluid over my head and shoulders and onto my
dress. This process of grooming is slow and deliberate.
Velvet Pesu “Concentric Cirles on Red’” is a framed act of conscious play,
the unfolding, becoming and unveiling of self through process, chance,
accident, change, temporality, rhythm, voice, light and image. The
projection is handmade/drawn film made entirely of recycled materials on a
modified a purpose built hand cranked projector. The costume is also played
as an instrument and made from recycled and organic materials.
Makeshift Dance Collective "Speak for Oneself" a dance for two, explores
the concept of articulation, language and communication break down.
Jamie Hume and Ben H. “TB and TARLD’ Music for science fiction tragics,
celebrating bulgakov, wormholes, the stargate project, the explosion and
the lights. all our stuff is either broken or bent its as if we're choking
out the last breath.
Also featuring Unique Oil Free Air, Bremen Town Musician and 459.
Ismael Ogando “RITE OF WEST” Using visual elements of ancient african
voodoo rituals will transform my body from African to caucasian, in a round
series of actions involving oil, powder and fire.

Ane Lan “PERSONA” Presented in a White Cube Gallery space, PERSONA takes
form as a occult ritual, investigating the worshiping of personality in
contemporary media Industry though the diffuse concept: stage charisma. A
female dancer goes through different emotional and psychological stages
revealing a complex relationship to the audience and her 6 male
accompanies. PERSONA invites to a contemporary reading of Freuds Narcissism
complex through references to early 20th century feminist performance
strategies by women artists as Valerie de Saint-Point, Mary Wigman, Vera
Fokina and others, and the exploration of the psyche in the 1966 Ingmar
Bergman film PERSONA. www.anelan.com*
*Ane Lan’s performance PERSONA received support from Co-producers:
BIT-teatergarasjen, SANTARCANGLEO di Teatri, Hordaland Kunstsenter,
Defibrillator Performance Gallery, and Funders: Norwegian Arts Council,
Norwegian Foreign Affairs, Fond for Utøvende, Kunstnere, Danse og
Teatersentrum, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond.**

*Interviews and images available upon request.

Tape Projects
1/81 Bouverie St, Carlton,
Melbourne, Victoria,
Australia, 3053.
View map here.<https://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=1%2F81+Bouverie+St,+Carlton,+Victoria&aq=0&oq=1%2F81+bouverie+st+&sll=-37.860283,145.079616&sspn=1.194837,0.653687&vpsrc=0&t=h&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=1%2F81-85+Bouverie+St,+Carlton+Victoria+3053&ll=-37.811581,144.970264&spn=0.032684,0.027895&z=15>
Alaska Projects is located on Level 2 of the Kings Cross Car
9A Elizabeth Bay Rd Elizabeth Bay (directly behind the Kings Cross Police
Metro Arts Basement, 109 Edward St, Brisbane Qld 4000.
Entre les tours T3 et T4 de la BnF côté avenue de France, au niveau du
cinéma MK2
Parking : Tolbiac Bibliothèque ou Vincent Auriol
Métro : Ligne 14 et RER C - Bibliothèque F.Mitterrand - Ligne 6 - Quai de
la gare

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