[NetBehaviour] Artleaks | US artwork that angered energy industry pulled.

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Artleaks | US artwork that angered energy industry pulled.

via Kevin Smith /Platform & Index on Censorship

A controversial climate change sculpture was removed after it upset 
donors from the energy industry in the US. Kevin Smith asks whether 
corporate sponsorship by companies like BP and Shell has an affect on 
artistic freedom in the UK.

It’s hardly breaking news that big fossil fuel companies often exert a 
great deal of influence over political processes through campaign 
contributions and lobbying. On 13 September, the New York Times, for 
example, reported that, with nearly two months to go before Election Day 
on 6 November, estimated spending on television ads promoting coal and 
more oil and gas drilling or criticising clean energy had exceeded $153 
million this year. But how do the oil, gas and mining industries exert 
influence over the cultural sector? A recent American example is 
instructive, demonstrating how this influence can lead to institutions 
buckling under political pressure, censoring art and lying to the public.


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