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We are proud to present two current initiatives that are working in the
field of new media arts and will actively participate in ongoing
discussions, as well as in international activities such as conferences,
exhibitions, panels and such.

Please contact us at info(at)artisticbokeh.com to get in contact with us
regarding our project, possible cooperations or any other issues.
Additional information about the research and our aims will be published
throughout december.

The format of “documentation” is an essential part of reflecting,
presenting and structuring knowledge. ARTISTIC BOKEH works in cooperation
with expert networks with backgrounds of DSLR video and DIY cameras, and
includes a self-reflexive component which addresses the medium
“documentation” as such. The main aim is to research aesthetic/qualitative
parameters of experimental documentation, apart from working on and finding
new terms for what was previously known as “new media arts”.
Researching and developing new documentation formats, conducting
experiments and using “documentation as a method”, Artistic Bokeh currently
works as subdivision of the project Artistic Technology Research at the
University of Applied Arts, Vienna and runs a lab together with
international practitioners.

»Artistic Technology Research« observes possible transformations from
artistic, technological, playful and “critical engineering” (see J. Oliver,
G. Savičić and D. Vasiliev)  backgrounds to inject and intertwine them
using methods (and developing methodologies) that systematically combine
research methods from artistic and scientific realms, creating a field of
“research about/for/through arts, arts about/for/through research”
(Dombois, 2009). Furthermore, the project includes a practical approach to
problem-solving, so the understanding of »Artistic Technology« is closely
related to the greek term of techne which includes the Critical Arts as
well as critique as the “culture of the modern society”. The project is
composed of “practices, actions and interactions” that will involve diverse
audiences and is intended to measure and discuss contemporary (artistic)
media practices as well as offering “connections” to social and cultural
sciences. Based on “action research” and extending it to include
“documentation as method” the project is designed to connect to open
research and open discourses. The entire process will work following an
interdisciplinary approach of knowledge-building and at the same time
facilitate popular awareness of applied critical research. Artistic
Technology Research is a project in cooperation with the University of
Applied Arts, supported by the FWF science fund.


**Mapping Spaces of Online Discourse**
Artistic Technology Research presents the results of their collaboration
with the Utrecht media lab SETUP: together, they engaged in mapping the
collaboration and communication within production communities.
Mailinglists, Twitter communication, search queries and online repositories
constitute instable and often neglected repositories of social interaction
online. Using these data for visualizations and for a mapping of how
communication and interaction developed made explicit how online discourse
evolves, which actors matter and what stories traces of online life can
tell about participants and social formations. The results are data
analysis, network visualizations and infographics which make the implicit
interactions as well as the often neglected 'digital imprints' of internet
use explicitly visible. On display are Data Portraits by Frank-Jan van
Lunteren, network visualizations by Ryanne Turenhout and data analysis by
Matthias Tarasiewicz.

Open Studio Cooperation with Mirko Lazović, Daniel vom Keller and Jelena
The works that will be presented:
- Daniel vom Keller: Future Ground/New Diversity, sculpture
- Mirko Lazović: While staring at the wall, interactive video
- Jelena Mišković: Black snow- Geometry strikes back, video

2012-11-20, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria
19:00, artist studio 513 (access through studio 501), Hof 7

**Exhibition: Documenting Artistic Technology**
A small exhibition of process artifacts is representative for the works and
conceptual positions in experimental and playful investigation of
technological and social configurations through media art. Artist’s views
on practices of research and production are investigated through video
interviews, of which several are on display in the exhibition booth. With
BitcoinCloud, the Artistic Technology Research Lab presents a media art
approach to alternative currencies and investigates playfully new material
and economic realities.

Displayed works:
- Prayas Abhinav: mas*ing, closed circuit communication device
- Setup.nl: Tracking Cookies, laser-cut qr-code cookies / emotion mapping
- Fran Ilich: Spacebank - A Latin American virtual community investment
bank trading online since the beginning of the Otra Campaña Zapatista in

2012-11-20, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria
18:00, Artistic Bokeh exhibition booth at Electric Avenue, quartier21

Exhibition visible until 06-2013.
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