[NetBehaviour] Researchers Show DHS How Hackers Can Redirect Drones With GPS.

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Sat Nov 24 12:44:45 CET 2012

This article was originally published in JUne , but still relevant...

Researchers Show DHS How Hackers Can Redirect Drones With GPS.

Susanne Posel. Occupy Corporatism

Researchers at the University of Texas demonstrated to officials at the 
US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) how drones could be hacked into 
through their navigation systems.

Known as “spoofing”, a false signal through the Global Positioning 
System (GPS) could be used to “trick” the drones into going onto a new 

Thousands of drones will be released into US skies by the federal 
government, law enforcement and university research purposes. Todd 
Humphreys, assistant professor for the Cockrell School of Engineering 
believes that GPS satellites, which are not encrypted for civilian use, 
are a weak spot in the surveillance scheme. Humphreys stated: “The dirty 
fact is it’s an open signal, and easily hacked.”


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