[NetBehaviour] Community Memory through Appropriated Media: An Interview with Eugenio Tisselli.

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Community Memory through Appropriated Media: An Interview with Eugenio 

Interview by Marc Garrett.

I met Eugenio Tisselli in Edinburgh at the Remediating the Social 
conference in November 2012. Eugenio gave a presentation on the project 
Sauti ya wakulima, "The voice of the farmers". A collaborative knowledge 
base created by farmers from the Chambezi region of the Bagamoyo 
District in Tanzania, and "by gathering audiovisual evidence of their 
practices they use smartphones to publish images and voice recordings on 
the Internet", documenting and sharing their daily practices.

I was struck by his sensitivity to the social contexts and political 
questions around this type of project engagement. This interview 
explores the challenges we all face in connecting to a deeper 
understanding of what technology can succeed in doing beyond the usual 
hype of the 'New' and its entwined consumerist diversions. Not only does 
the conversation highlight how communities can work together in 
collaborating with technology on their own terms. But, it also discusses 
the artists' role in the age of climate change and the economic crisis, 
locally and globally.


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